Book review: The Fury

When Jason Pinter released his first book, The Mark, I instantly became a fan.

The character, Henry Parker, is a mild-mannered reporter by day. But by night, he fights crime (no crime-fighting suit though).

Well, he doesn’t actually fight crime, per se. He just uses his reporter instincts and skills to keep himself out of trouble after witnessing a murder.

Apparently, a lot of other people liked the character as well, as Pinter has now turned Parker into a series of books.

While I missed a couple of those books, I recently picked up his two latest editions: The Fury and the Darkness.

Be prepared for the fact that the two books are strongly related, and I think you’ll need to read them back-to-back.

This novel isn’t as good as the first one. There were a few things that bugged me. First was the description of the impact of drugs and alcohol on people. Parker’s idol, Jack O’Donnell, apparently has become an alcoholic. This becomes apparent in the hundreds of times Pinter brings it up. And it’s not like it gets mentioned in passing. Each time, there’s at least a page description on how no one can find O’Donnell, and the fact that he’s not at the paper working is having a negative impact on the paper’s circulation.

After the fifth time or so, it gets a little tedious and repetitive.

The other was the “cliffhanger” ending to the book. It’s not like a normal cliffhanger where the hero is in danger and you need to get the next book to see if he survives. Instead, it’s almost like a prelude to the next book. Regardless, I didn’t like it, and thought it stuck out poorly.

Overall, the book was only fairly entertaining. There wasn’t a lot of action, and things just seemed to happen. For example, when trying to find the son of a drug dealer killed decades earlier, it’s a great coincidence that a) the son is still alive despite being a drug user himself, b) the son never moved, and c) there’s only two people with that name in all of New York.

It’s a quick read though, and I’m hopeful his next book will be better.

But for The Fury, I’d have to give it 2.5 out of five stars.


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