Survivor stupidity

It’s no secret that I’ve been a fan of Survivor since the first season.

And when you’ve watched 20 different installments of the show, you get to learn a lot about the players and the strategy.

And of course, the stupidity of some people.

It never fails, that there are always people who play the game horrendously. It’s almost like they don’t even want to win a million dollars.

In all, there are five different types of stupidity on Survivor:

Lazy stupidity: Where you think you can do nothing around camp and still expect to win.

Hubris stupidity: Where you get too cocky, and it becomes your downfall.

Trusting stupidity: Where you trust the wrong people.

Meanness stupidity: Where you’re mean for no apparent reason, other than you think somehow you’ll win money by being mean to people.

Just plain stupidity: Where you do something of your own accord that is almost too stupid for words.

Last night, we got to see two examples of stupidity: one from each tribe.

One had to do with James. Yes, he’s a beast, but he’s never played the game well. He’s been blindsided while holding two immunities. He’s been injured twice. He yells at people. All in all, he’s not actually a very good player.

Last night, he fell victim to the hubris stupidity. He’s a strong man, no doubt about it. But he’s been injured. And Colby was designated to go home. Colby didn’t even try to save himself. But James knew people were worried about his leg, so instead of continuing to let it rest, he challenged JT to a race.

Now, JT would probably have beaten him in a race even if James’ leg wasn’t injured. But no matter, he was so proud of himself and what he could do. And during the race, JT started running backwards and still won easily!

If there were any doubt James was done, that was it. There was no way they could trust him on any challenges that involved running.

And just like that, James was done.

Now, on the Villains side, it was a different type of stupidity: Just plain stupidity.

Boston Rob had come up with a surefire plan to get rid of either Russell or his closest ally, Pavarti. All they had to do was vote three people for Russell, and three for Pavarti. Which ever one of them played the idol, the next would be gone in the tiebreaking vote, which the six people voted for one of them.

But Tyson was worried for some reason. Russell had said he was voting for Parvati. So Tyson decided to change his vote and vote for Parvati.

Of course, Russell didn’t change his vote, and gave the idol to Pavarti. Since votes for her didn’t count, Tyson lost 3-2 and was kicked off.

Now, the way I see it, even if Russell said he was voting for Pavarti, that didn’t mean Tyson had to change his vote. By not changing his vote, he was safe regardless of what happened. But by changing it, there was a chance he was going home.

So of course, Tyson decided to do one of the most bonehead moves in all of Survivor (I’d rank it in the top five), and changed his vote.

Really Tyson? Could you be that stupid? Apparently.


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  1. I agree 100%, Tyson’s move has caused him his loss. He’s now out of the game because of his “plain stupidity” it’s like voting himself out. oh well.

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