One last keeper pool trade

So not only was the NHL deadline yesterday, it was also the deadline for my keeper hockey pool. [picapp align=”right” wrap=”true” link=”term=kris+russell&iid=7609910″ src=”d/5/1/b/Columbus_Blue_Jackets_698e.jpg?adImageId=10974396&imageId=7609910″ width=”234″ height=”272″ /]

I had expected a lot of movement, but there were actually only two deals*. I was a part of one of them.

I traded a fourth round draft pick in 2011 for Kris Russell and Carlo Colaiacovo.

Not a blockbuster deal, but one that needed to be done regardless. Because of me trading Duncan Keith last week, I only had three defencemen I wanted to keep: Ryan Suter, Kyle Quincey and Joni Pitkanen. I plan on dropping Rob Blake and Mathieu Schneider.

So I wanted one more defenceman, and I got that in Russell. Now, most people may not realize who Russell is, and like me, they would probably need to look him up before trading for him.

And I liked what I found out. Russell plays for the Blue Jackets (I knew that part), and is a pretty young defenceman with a lot of potential upside. He won the CHL defenceman of the year, and won the WHL defenceman of the year in back to back years. He also won two gold medals with the the world junior championships.

This year, he’s on pace for 27 points. Sure, that doesn’t sound like a lot, but for a third-year player, it’s pretty respectable. Plus, he’s only 21, so I’m hoping he continues to improve each year like he has done so far, and in a few years, be good for 35 to 40 points or so, which is all I want out of my defencemen. [picapp align=”right” wrap=”true” link=”term=Carlo+Colaiacovo&iid=6854366″ src=”b/2/2/6/St_Louis_Blues_41cd.jpg?adImageId=10974411&imageId=6854366″ width=”234″ height=”164″ /]

And according to, they think he could be a #2 defenceman, so that’s a good thing.

As for the other player in the deal, Colaiacovo, I don’t plan on keeping him. We can only keep 15 players plus two rookies, and Colaiacovo doesn’t make my cut. Maybe I can trade him at some point for a draft pick. If not, it’s okay.

I’m happy with the trade. I picked up a young defenceman and a spare part for only a fourth rounder next year.

* The other deal was Kyle Turris for a fourth rounder in 2011 and Milan Michalek.


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3 responses to “One last keeper pool trade

  1. Ryan

    I would have liked to hear more about the other deal that was made. That looks like it was a great deal for the guy who took the 4th rounder next year and Milan Michalek for Kyle Turris. That is one sneaky good move.

    • Well, it was an all-right trade. It filled a need for the guy who got the rookie (Turris counts as a rookie protect if he doesn’t play a game this season).

      But the guy who got Michalek, I just wonder who he is going to drop if he decides to keep him. I count 17 other players I’d rather have on that team rather than Michalek. If the GM drops him, then that means he traded Turris for a fourth rounder, which is still good because he had to drop Turris anyways. So at least he got something for him.

      Overall, a win-win on both sides.

  2. kev

    l think Russell will be a solid point producer, it’s just a matter of when…I’m guessing it will be two or three years before you see some consistent production…he has shown a bit of a knack for multi-point games and could be on a similar development curve as Brian Campbell…time will tell but I think you’ll be rewarded if you are patient. I was happy to get something in return for him since l didn’t have the space to keep him.

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