Habs trade D’Agostini

So the Habs have already made a deadline day trade. [picapp align=”right” wrap=”false” link=”term=Aaron+Palushaj&iid=1010513″ src=”b/3/a/c/USA_v_Sweden_3267.jpg?adImageId=10924089&imageId=1010513″ width=”234″ height=”322″ /]

They have traded Matt D’Agostini for Aaron Palushaj.

I know, I know. I don’t even know how to pronounce his name, much less know who he is.

But the more I find out about this kid, the more I like him.

According to hockeysfuture.com, this is the scouting report on Palushaj:

“Palushaj boasts a good all-around game. He can snipe goals with his quick shooting, and his stickhandling and playmaking abilities are also strong. He doesn’t mind physical play, willing to dig in the corners to win the puck.”

“2006-07: Palushaj played in the USHL with Des Moines. He was one of the Buccaneers’ top scorers, with 22 goals and 45 assists. He maintained his strong pace in the league playoffs, registering 11 points in eight games.”

“2007-08: This was Palushaj’s rookie season with the University of Michigan (CCHA). He was a CCHA All-Rookie team honorable mention. In the nation, he was second in assists (34) and tied for ninth in assists per game (0.79). Among the nation’s rookies, he was third in points (44) and sixth in pointer per game (1.02). In CCHA play, he led the league with 21 assists. He led U-M with 34 assists and was third on the team with 44 points. He was the first U-M rookie to reach the 40-point mark since T.J. Hensick (46) in the 2003-04 season.”

He was also fourth on the Blues depth chart. [picapp align=”right” wrap=”true” link=”term=Matt+D%27Agostini&iid=7406837″ src=”2/8/8/7/Minnesota_Wild_v_5d4f.jpg?adImageId=10924105&imageId=7406837″ width=”234″ height=”187″ /]

As for D’Agostini, I was never a big supporter of the kid. I know a lot of Habs fans thought he was a great draft pick with lots of upside, but I never really saw it. He never scored more than 25 goals in either the OHL or the AHL, so I don’t know why people were expecting him to be a scorer in the NHL.

Yes, he scored 12 goals in his first season with the Habs, but I think that will probably be a career high for him. I see D’Agostini settling into more of a Marc Bureau-type of player. He’ll play about eight or nine serviceable years, but he’ll never be a player that will be counted on to score a lot. Eventually, he’ll turn into a third- or fourth-line player that bangs bodies and focuses on defence first.

So to recap, the Habs traded a guy who I think will never crack the 15-goal mark for a half-decent prospect that likes to hit people and can score.

I’ll give the advantage to the Habs on this one.


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