Questions I want answered on Lost

With Lost now underway, I’ve been thinking about some of the past seasons.

While people have been hoping for answers to their questions, I’ve been thinking of questions that’s been around for a while that seemingly has been forgotten.

I’m not talking about more recent questions, such as who is the Black Smoke (answered), who exactly is Jacob (not answered) or how old is Richard (not answered, but safe to say, he’s very old). I’m thinking of questions that have been hanging around mostly since the first season.

They’ve answered some of the biggest ones (such as how what caused the plane crash).

And there are some I couldn’t really care about (such as what was up with the black horse Kate used to see all the time).

I understand some of the answers will take some time. But despite all the time travel that has been prevalent in the show, there’s not actually much time left as there’s not many episodes to go.

So here are the top 20 questions I want answered on Lost.

Why did Dharma still do food drops after everyone was dead?

Remember this? For some reason, a plane would fly overhead and drop food for people in the hatch. There were all sorts of different types. But why would Dharma do this when everyone from there was dead? Unless this was a plot hole to explain why Hurley wasn’t losing any weight, it doesn’t make sense. Wouldn’t the people off the island know that everyone on the island was dead? Especially since there was a submarine, and new recruits always going to the island. Obviously, this stopped at some point.

Why did Charlie want to baptize Aaron?

Poor Charlie. He could never seem to do any right. But he was set on having Aaron baptized, although Claire didn’t want it, just because he saw it in a dream. Charlie even went so far as to kidnap Aaron to get him baptized. Claire got angry, and left Charlie. Although she did get Aaron baptized by Mr. Eko at the end of the episode, they never did explain why it was so important to Charlie.

What happened to Walt?

One of the problems with having kids on a show that doesn’t follow current real time is the kids grow too fast. Remember, on the island, it’s still 2004. Walt is supposed to be the same age (about 13), but in reality, he’s around 20 years old. Thankfully, time travel can help with that now. Anyways, Walt is off the island, older, and we have no idea if he knows if his dad is dead. What is he doing? Did he tell anyone about the island? What’s his role in everything?

What did all the secret messages in the hatch mean?

When Desmond was in the hatch with Kelvin, it was shown that Kelvin would allow the blast doors to be activated so they could work on a map that could only be seen under a black light. Why? It was obviously all in vain, since the hatch was blown up anyways. It was a map to all the different Dharma stations, but why the need to put in on a wall under a black light. It makes no sense.

What ever happened to Annie?

Annie was Ben’s childhood friend when he was youngster on the island. She was the only one to remember Ben’s birthday, and gave him wooden dolls that Ben kept for his entire life. Ben seemed to care a lot about Annie. Did she die in the gas attack? Did she act differently after Ben was shot? Did she leave the island? Did Widmore have her killed?

Why does Desmond time travel?

Ah yes. Desmond. The love-sick guy who was determined to re-unite with Penny, his long-lost girlfriend. He spent years on his own pushing a button. He tried to sail around the world. He was in the military. Oh yeah, and he travels through time for reasons no one knows. Everyone else needs to be on a time travelling island to do it, but Desmond seems to go through it routinely off the island. Why him and no one else?

Why did birds die when Walt was around?

This is my generic way of asking what made Walt so special. Walt was special, without a doubt. We’ve been told this numerous times. In fact, the flashback episode in the first season was titled “Special.” He was so special the Others wanted him, because Jacob said Walt was special. Getting the idea? In that flashback episode, we saw strange happenings when Walt was around, such as a bird flying into the window. Walt’s stepdad almost seemed scared of Walt, saying strange things happen when he’s around. So I go back to the beginning. What’s so special about Walt?

Does Hurley ever find out the Libby was in the psych hospital with him?

This seemed like an intriguing storyline until the writers killed Libby off. Libby told Hurley that she was a psychologist, but turned out to be a patient in the same psych ward. Apparently, Hurley never noticed. Maybe Hurley can find out now, since dead people appear on the island all the time.

Why does Widmore and Ben want to kill each other?

Something happened so that the two of them hate each other. Ben has been one of the leaders on the island, and Widmore has left (or been kicked off) the island for some reason. They don’t like each other, and seemingly never have. Does it have to do with Ben being cured of a gunshot wound as a boy, even though he was an outsider? Does it have to do with Ben bringing Alex (Danielle’s baby) to camp with him? Who knows. But they have a long-standing feud, and Widmore seems to be a lost plotline so far this year. But this leads to the next question…

What were the rules they were talking about breaking?

After Widmore had Alex killed, Ben said that Widmore changed the rules of the games. What rules? Did they have a deal they wouldn’t harm one another’s daughters? That they wouldn’t change the timeline? Was it just a set of gentlemanly rules?

Why did the Black Smoke let Mr. Eko and Locke go the first time?

We now know that the Black Smoke is Jacob’s friend, the Man in Black. We know he can uproot trees and kill people pretty easily (he was responsible for killing the pilot in the very first episode). The first time Mr. Eko saw the Black Smoke, he faced it down. The Black Smoke showed some images of Mr. Eko’s life, and then let him go. The next time, the two met, the Black Smoke killed him. The first time the Black Smoke met Locke, he let Locke go. The second time, he tried to grab Locke and drag him into the jungle. Why kill people sometimes, and let people go at other points. There must be a reason. I want to know what that reason is.

Why did Sun and some others not go back to the past?

When going back to the island, the Oceanic 6 all went back in time. Except for Sun. Yes, not everyone went back in time. But all of Oceanic 6 did except for Sun. It doesn’t make sense why she stayed in the present and the rest went to the past. If there was one question that never gets answered, I would guess this one would be it. It may fall to the wayside as something needed to move the plot forward. I wonder if they’ll even try to explain it.

Why could no one have babies on the island?

This used to be such a big deal. Women who got pregnant on the island died during childbirth. It’s the reason the Others brought Juliet to the island. It was a cause of concern for Claire for a while. Sun was worried about her baby, about whether she was impregnated on the island by Jin, or off the island by her ex-lover. But none of it mattered. Claire’s baby was all right, Sun had her child off the island and Juliet found love on the island in the form of Sawyer. Was this something that always affected women on the island? Was it a result of the bomb? Or a result of the poisonous gas used by the Others?

What about the healing powers on the island?

Most people think of Locke and the fact he could walk once he got to the island when they think of the healing abilities (or him being shot by Ben and immediately being able to walk). A few may think of Rose and her cancer being cured. Even Jin’s sperm turned into healthy swimmers once he made it to the island. But others were not so lucky. Boone’s injuries didn’t heal when he was crushed. Shannon never recovered from her gunshot. Ben’s back never healed on its own. Why did some people get healthy and others not? Did you need to be injured off the island in order to recover on the island?

Why did the Others need to kidnap certain people?

The Others had a list. They kidnapped people from the plane crash of Oceanic 815 for some reason. Mr. Eko was on the list, but fought them off. They took some other people, such as Cindy, the flight attendant (who joined the Others, which leads to another question: Why?). Was it to keep the Others strong? To be able to fight what they thought were evil? Did those people have special skills they needed? So many questions, so few answers.

Why did the Others kill the Dharma workers?

At some point, the Others and the Dharma workers got involved in a bitter feud that led to the Others gassing the workers and killing them all (except for Ben). Although things were always testy, what happened between the two groups that led to such a destructive end (called The Purge)?

Who were Adam and Eve, the two dead corpses?

Probably the second biggest question from the first season, after how the plane crash. Adam and Eve were found at the caves, and they looked to be pretty old (just skeletal remains). But nothing has been mentioned of the corpses since. Now, with time travel playing havoc with everything, it is quite possible they could be the remains of two of the Oceanic 815 survivors. If that is the case, my money would be it being Rose and Bernard. Who knows if they flashed back to the present with the rest of the cast after the bomb went off. If it’s not them, it’s time for the writers to figure something out.

What is the sickness? Did Danielle’s team have it?

Ah yes, the sickness. It comes up every once in a while. Not as much as in the first two seasons, but enough to keep us coming up with theories. The latest part was whether Danielle’s team had it when she killed them all (and whether the sickness was caused by the Black Smoke). But in the early seasons of the series, it consumed people on the island, to the point they gave vaccine to Claire and her baby so Aaron wouldn’t get it. It was enough to keep Desmond wearing a hazmat suit every time he ventured out of the hatch. Was there a sickness? And if so, what was it?

Why was Claire’s baby so important to everyone?

An unborn baby had more storylines in the first season than Boone and Shannon combined. The Others wanted the baby. Danielle stole the baby. A physic told Claire to go to the States because Aaron couldn’t be raised by anyone else (he knew the plane was going to crash). What did he see? Why did everyone was Aaron so bad?

What do the numbers mean?

The obvious number one question. Those numbers, 4 8 15 16 23 and 42, have shown up everywhere. Lottery tickets. Soccer jerseys. The hatch. The transmitted message. Etc. What do they mean? I saw a spoiler that could explain it (I won’t say it here), and it wasn’t very detailed, so it’s going to be interesting to see how it’s explained on the show. If they can explain it at all.



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5 responses to “Questions I want answered on Lost

  1. I think I might be able to answer one question, “Why did Sun and some others not go back to the past?” In one of the newer episodes, they showed Jacob touching (shaking hands with, etc.) some of the Oceanic 815 survivors at some point in their life. They showed him at Jin and Sun’s wedding, but didn’t show whether he touched both (or either) of them. They made it look like he leaned in and touched them each on the arm, but the shots were cut off at about the chest level so you couldn’t tell for sure.

  2. Graham

    I am not sure why Eko wasn’t killed the first time he encountered the black smoke but I remember reading that he had asked to be off the show and thus they brought back the smoke to kill him the second time.

  3. Cheryl

    Pretty sure the “sickness” is the same thing Claire has and apparently Sayid is developing. Not sure what causes it but that’s my guess. Claire is the new Rousseau for sure.
    And the thing about Sun not going back into the past – I watched one recap show that said not all of the Oceanic 6 were able to recreate the first plane trip, and that’s why some of them time-travelled and others didn’t.
    I definitely want them to bring back Desmond, he was one of my favs!
    The show is totally going to end with one person volunteering to stay and be the new Jacob, ei. protector of the island. I hope they start answering questions soon …

  4. Elle

    ah, too bad lost left more questions than it ever answered!

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