The Book of Eli movie review

So I had a chance to see The Book of Eli the other night, and contrary to a lot of critics’ opinions, I thought it was very well done. [picapp align=”right” wrap=”true” link=”term=book+of+eli&iid=4185877″ src=”c/5/4/5/PicImg_EXCLUSIVE_A_bearded_5bf2.jpg?adImageId=9416730&imageId=4185877″ width=”234″ height=”392″ /]

For those not familiar with the movie, it stars Denzel Washington walking across America 30 years after some incident (called the Flash) during a war. They never quite explain what the incident is, which is kind of important, but you could take an educated guess. Time doesn’t matter anymore, and time is known as two-different periods: pre-flash and post-flash.

Most of the humans have died, and those that are left are mostly in it for themselves. People lie, steal and kill to get what they need, especially water. And apparently, no one has bothered to learn how to read after the flash.

Anyways, so Eli is taking a book across America, one that is so important that everyone wants it. In face, there’s only one of the book left across the entire planet, which makes it so valuable.

The name of the book? If I Did It, by O.J. Simpson.

Okay, a slight lie there. If you’ve seen any commercials about this movie, you know it’s the Bible, even if the movie tries to keep it a secret for half the film. It also keeps his name a secret, although if you’re seeing the film, you know his name.

So apparently, every book of the Bible in the world was destroyed after the war. Not sure how that was accomplished, but Eli has the last remaining one. He’s also a pretty good killer. He won’t start trouble, or even help out those who are in trouble, but he certainly finishes it.

If you’re the type of person who normally likes a lot of answers to questions, you might not like this film. I say ‘might’, because I’m normally one of those people, but in this film it doesn’t matter. [picapp align=”right” wrap=”true” link=”term=book+of+eli&iid=7542033″ src=”a/f/c/8/The_Book_of_2c86.jpg?adImageId=9416673&imageId=7542033″ width=”234″ height=”322″ /]

Unresolved questions include: How does Eli know all those fighting skills? What was the war about? How can you possibly destroy every copy of the Bible in the world?

Also, near the end of the film is a surprise twist. Not quite The Sixth Sense type of twist, but one that leaves you wondering. It almost makes you want to see the film again for clues, but upon looking back at the film, no clues jump out.

(As a side note, the twist apparently has created a little bit of debate: I don’t want to ruin it for you here, but just keep an eye out for it).

As a surprise, Mila Kunis is in this film. I had no idea, so I was shocked when she appeared. She plays the daughter of a blind woman married to Gary Oldman’s character, Carnegie, who is determined to get the book from Eli.

Her role as a sidekick is actually a pretty good one, although it creates another question at the end (again, I won’t give it away).

Anyways, I recommend this movie. It’s pretty good, although a bit gory at the beginning. I give it four out of five stars.

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