Captain Canada not very classy

Strangely enough, hockey has more in common with professional wrestling than any other sport. [picapp align=”right” wrap=”true” link=”term=patrice+cormier&iid=3727162″ src=”2/9/3/b/IIHF_World_Juniors_09f3.jpg?adImageId=9235760&imageId=3727162″ width=”234″ height=”187″ /]

It’s a tough, physical sport, but the players need to trust their opponents with their bodies. Sure, they’re trying to win, but with the game played at such a high speed, players need to know the other team will have some respect and not take liberties when they are out there.

That’s why some players never seem to get respect in the league, because they don’t respect their opponents. The last NHL player to be like that was/is Steve Downie.

For those who don’t know, Downie was suspended in the juniors for cross-checking his teammate because his teammate wouldn’t be hazed. In an NHL preseason game, he left his feet with a hit on Dean McAmmond that got Downie suspended for 20 games. He’s also been suspended in the AHL for abuse of an official.

All this has not led to a great NHL career, as you can imagine. Guys who cheapshot rarely have a great run.

And now you can add Patrice Cormier to that list. This guy, who was captain of team Canada at the world juniors last month, has a penchant for illegal elbows. After using it a few times with cheapshots at the World Juniors (you can see that video here), Cormier decided to keep it up.

So far, Cormier has been suspended indefinitely, and there are possible charges coming from the police.

This is disgusting. Cormier doesn’t deserve to be playing professional hockey. He’s a cheapshot guy, and as Downie has showed, once a cheap shot guy, always a cheap shot guy.


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