Top posts of 2009, as decided by you

So 2009 was an interesting one for the Ryan Coke Experience. I tried some new things, wrote some longerish features, and did a top 100 Habs countdown.

So I thought it would be interesting to post a list of the some of the best posts from the past 12 months, most decided by you.

In the past year, WordPress added a new feature where readers could give a rating to each specific post. Here were the five most popular, decided by the readers by votes and/or comments:

A whole new Raptors team, the same old result: Nine comments, 11 votes, and most people disagreed with me. But I still say Bosh is gone after this season.

Archie to marry Veronica: 85% of people would marry Betty over Veronica

Miss California scandal is silly: All about comments she made during a beauty pageant.’s most desirable woman: Tried to figure out how they decided this.

New Brunswick school cancels national anthem: Seventeen comments, and I don’t think any of them agreed with me.

Of course, I’m going to have some of my favourites. Here are my top 10.

The Beatles are overrated: Created a lot of debate in person with people I know

Top 10 Saku Koivu moments: About the best Habs captain since Jean Beliveau, and he still hasn’t been replaced

No Megan Fox Day?: 11 people voting, five comments (including one guy who thinks I am Megan Fox, I think)

Summer Glau is my new hero: Rated a perfect 5/5 by six readers

A Sens’ guide to Alexei Kovalev: Most of it came true, and we’re only halfway through the season.

Gainey’s got to go: 23 reasons Gainey should be fired.

Top 10 signs Ovechkin is a dirty player: I had all the research done, when Ovechkin decided to give me #10 for the list.

Ten reasons Daniel Alfredsson will not make the Hall of Fame: How can you argue with this?

A letter to Marc-Andre Bergeron:  Changed his season around after this post. I don’t want to take all the credit, but I deserve it.

Habs chances at top 20 free agents: At least one person didn’t get the joke.

I think this blog is getting better as it goes along. I hope you continue to come back in 2010 as it continue to evolve.


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One response to “Top posts of 2009, as decided by you

  1. Cheryl

    Keep rocking, Tom! I’m sure you’re still miles ahead of me on the stats, but I forgive you. 🙂

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