Habs half-season review

All right, so thanks to the Olympic break, the Habs have play half their season before 2010 even begins (and will actually be 43 games after their New Year’s Eve game against the Panthers end, most of any team in the league). [picapp align=”right” wrap=”true” link=”term=montreal+canadiens+celebrate&iid=7431801″ src=”3/4/a/e/Montreal_Canadiens_v_3dbc.jpg?adImageId=8716071&imageId=7431801″ width=”234″ height=”263″ /]

So what better time than the end of the year to do a year-in-review of half-a-year.

In keeping up with today’s social media trends, and the fact that Canadiens players have the myth of being short, I decided to make each summary short as well. So each player will have a Tweet-like summary, which means no more than 140 characters description for those of you in a rush to ring in the new year.

Shawn Belle: A big defenceman with no offensive upside? Montreal has plenty of that in Gill, Georges, Mara and O’Byrne.

Marc-Andre Bergeron: A slow start, but now leading the league in goals by a d-man? Looking better every game, and you can ignore an earlier post I had about him. [picapp align=”right” wrap=”true” link=”term=Michael+Cammalleri&iid=6944058″ src=”b/8/6/6/IL_Montreal_Canadiens_632b.jpg?adImageId=8716088&imageId=6944058″ width=”234″ height=”255″ /]

Michael Cammalleri: On pace for 38 goals. Does everything except score on the road. A great addition, and well worth his pricetag. Respects the Habs history.

Mathieu Carle: Played three games with the team this year. Don’t remember anything about him, which probably isn’t a good sign for a young guy.

Matt D’Agostini: Wasn’t this guy supposed to give scoring depth? Two goals in 25 games is not scoring depth, and he’s had plenty of opportunities.

David Desharnais: Another undersized centre (five foot seven, 177 pounds), was used for a game when everyone was injured.

Brian Gionta: Injury has slowed him down, but when healthy, he helps give secondary scoring. Needs to stay healthy to keep Gomez from being a bust

Hall Gill: A big guy, but doesn’t use his body enough. Maybe he can’t catch the guys to hit them. But helps with Stanley Cup experience on the back end [picapp align=”right” wrap=”true” link=”term=Scott+Gomez&iid=6859466″ src=”d/f/a/6/Ottawa_Senators_v_9b71.jpg?adImageId=8716099&imageId=6859466″ width=”234″ height=”187″ /]

Scott Gomez: Gives Habs a second scoring line, which has been needed for years, but only when Gionta is playing. That’s not necessarily good for $8 mil

Josh Gorges: Would like to see him hit more people more often. One of the better dmen in Montreal, will be one of the top shutdown guys in a few years.

Jaroslav Halak: Great in spurts, never met an opponent he wouldn’t give a rebound to. Plays vs. bad teams: wins against Atl, NYI, NYR, Leafs, Sens, Canes

Roman Hamrlik: Was the team’s top d-man. Saw time on the PP, PK, was a shut-down guy, drove the Zamboni, etc. Played 72 minutes (estimate) a game.

Andrei Kostitsyn: Coming on after a slow start, but I don’t like the streakiness in him. I do like the fact he’s one of four guys on the team that will hit.

Sergei Kostitsyn: Even streakier than his brother, and sulks more. Not scoring, but does see time on the PK, surprisingly. Can’t we just trade him already? [picapp align=”right” wrap=”true” link=”term=Maxim+Lapierre&iid=7368896″ src=”f/d/1/4/Montreal_Canadiens_v_6557.jpg?adImageId=8716103&imageId=7368896″ width=”234″ height=”145″ /]

Maxim Lapierre: Let the talk of him being a leader and possible captain last summer go to his head. Hasn’t shown the same leadership, spark he did last year

Georges Laraque: He does realize he’s paid to fight, right? Way 2 much time on injury list, and when he plays, doesn’t contribute. C’mon, just fight already.

Paul Mara: Hasn’t shone this season, although he had the opportunity to do so with all the injuries on D. Not great offensively, but that’s okay.

Andrei Markov: Starting 2 fear he gets injured 2 often. Not a good sign we don’t have enough depth to replace him when he’s out. The true star of the team.

Glenn Metropolit: Gives some much needed grit and occasional scoring on the 3rd line. Has exceeded expectations, and will be great playoff guy if we make it [picapp align=”right” wrap=”true” link=”term=Travis+Moen&iid=7406870″ src=”a/d/5/6/Montreal_Canadiens_v_e765.jpg?adImageId=8716116&imageId=7406870″ width=”234″ height=”350″ /]

Travis Moen: Good leadership, penalty-killer and more from a 3rd/4th liner. Will shine more in playoffs, when his shutdown prowess will come into effect.

Ryan O’Byrne: I understand he’s not an offensive guy, but you think after 22 games you’d be after getting a point, even by accident.

Max Pacioretty: Misses the net more than any player this side of the 1990s. Worried he’s falling into the Latendresse trap: too much pressure on a young guy

Tomas Plekanec: Great year, hopefully it’s not because it’s a contract year. Replaced Koivu as leader on this team (kills penalties, #1 powerplay, etc.)

Benoit Pouliot: Hard to judge after 3 games, but he’s getting every chance to play on the top two lines. Hopefully turns his career around with the Habs.

Carey Price: Still the #1, despite the past week’s stats. Will get chance to prove it again. Needs to work on glove hand still, especially come playoffs.

Tom Pyatt: Included in the Gomez trade, he looked good in spurts in 19 games, but never cracked the goose egg in points, and was a minus nine. [picapp align=”right” wrap=”true” link=”term=Jaroslav+Spacek&iid=7424588″ src=”e/0/0/6/Montreal_Canadiens_v_b3e1.jpg?adImageId=8716160&imageId=7424588″ width=”234″ height=”348″ /]

Jaroslav Spacek: Was supposed to add offensive punch, but his D has helped this team during the first half. Was the shutdown guy for much of the season.

Gregory Stewart: Can be the next tough guy/goon on the team, and will probably be more of a regular once Laraque is gone/traded/bought out.

Yannick Weber: Was a minus four in three games this year while subbing for injured players. He’ll have a hard time making the big club if he keeps that up.

Ryan White: Got stuck in a lineup with lots of injuries playing against the league’s best teams (Caps, Pens, etc.). At 21, still worth a look though.

J.T. Wyman: I’m sure he’s a good guy and wanted to make an impression, but I don’t remember anything about his three games with the Habs this season.

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One response to “Habs half-season review

  1. Dave

    I agree with most of that, except I would have been alot tougher on Gomez, Spacek, and Pacioretty especially.

    Gomez has been a disaster, lets not sugarcoat it. Forget the fact that we gave up our 2007 1st round pick, who was highly regarded, and handed the Rangers 5.1M in cap space for 2009-10 and 7.4M in cap space per year for 2010-2014 which they used to sign Gaborik, Gomez has 5 more points than Metropolit.

    For 3.9M, Spacek has done very little offensively and his defensive stats are skewed somewhat since he is never out against opposing teams’ top line. He’s a solid #4 D-man, but for close to 4M, I expected much more.

    Pacioretty I had high hopes for with his energy and forecheck, but the kid has two bricks for hands. He needs to head back to Hamilton ASAP. Take D’Agostini with you.

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