A load of B.S.

As a member of the media, it bugs me when I see so much irresponsible journalism out there. [picapp align=”right” wrap=”true” link=”term=britney+spears&iid=6654592″ src=”e/2/a/9/Britney_Shops_Away_1d75.jpg?adImageId=8644539&imageId=6654592″ width=”234″ height=”329″ /]

No where is it worse than the tabloids, where they feel they can just make up stuff whenever they feel like it.

So Britney Spears’ team decided to keep track of the stories about her for 2009 (more than 13,000), and published the 75 most ridiculous ones. Called the Year in B.S., there were some doozies.

Some, you can believe. “Britney Spears to appear in ‘Sex and the City’ sequel” was one of them. Britney has been in other movies (such as Austin Powers), so that may not be that far of a stretch.

Here are a few of the crazier ones (you can see the full list here).

70. Britney buys her dad a soul food restaurant

69.    Britney Spears Addicted to Diet Pills and Red Bull

65.    Britney’s personal diaries stolen

63. Britney’s Chest Has Vanished

59.    Britney Spears dreams of opening a bead shop in Venice

53.    Britney Spears ordered to read the Bible daily

46.    Britney Spears buys hyperbaric chamber

43.    Britney Endorsing Lingerie Line

29.    Ryan Seacrest Says Britney is Pregnant with third baby

26.    Britney Spears wants to become a baptist minister

25. Britney Spears to star in Holocaust thriller film (Note: actually read this story, the plot is insane).

5.   Britney thinks her dad is drugging her

3.   Fans storm out of Britney’s Australian show due to lip-synching.


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