Week 15 NFL picks

As I’ve written before, we’re now in the hardest part of guessing who’s going to win games in the NFL.

Would Daunte Culpepper get the start if the Lions were fighting for a playoff spot?

Many teams have clinched spots or are out of the playoff race, and unless you’re going for an undefeated season (sorry Saints),  you start dressing your backups. Maybe a coach wants to see how a certain rookie will play. Or a starter can either rest up or heal a nagging injury he may normally play through.

No matter the reason, it’s tough to guess who will start the games, and how long they’ll play in each game. For example, the Lions are way out of the playoffs. So they’ll continue to bench Matthew Stafford, who is injured, and put in the backup quarterback.

But if the Lions were fighting for a playoff spot, who knows if Stafford would get the nod.

The same is holding true right through the NFL. Some teams are dressing all their guys, and others are putting in backups. It’s adding another unknown equation into the mix. Will a fully healthy and rested defensive end play better than the first stringer who’s nursing a sore knee? Will some players see this as their chance to prove they can start in the league? Will other backups get picked on by the opposition because they’re not as good as the guy they’re replacing?

It makes it that much harder to predict what’s going to happen.

With that said, on to the picks.

Chicago at Baltimore Line: Ravens by 10 1/2 Ravens
Miami at Tennessee Line: Titans by 2 1/2 Titans
Arizona at Detroit Line: Cardinals by 11 1/2 Cardinals
Houston at St.Louis Line: Texans by 9 1/2 Rams
Cleveland at Kansas City Line: Chiefs by 1 1/2 Chiefs
San Francisco at Philadelphia Line: Eagles by 8 1/2 49ers
Atlanta at NY Jets Line: Jets by 4 1/2 Jets
New England at Buffalo Line: Patriots by 6 1/2 Patriots
Oakland at Denver Line: Broncos by 13 1/2 Raiders
Cincinnati at San Diego Line: Chargers by 6 1/2 Chargers
Green Bay at Pittsburgh Line: Steelers by 1 1/2 Packers
Tampa Bay at Seattle Line: Seahawks by 6 1/2 Buccaneers
Minnesota at Carolina Line: Vikings by 8 1/2 Panthers
NY Giants at Washington Line: Giants by 2 1/2 Giants

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