My keeper pool trade

So I just made another blockbuster trade in my hockey keeper pool.  

I hope Ryan Suter is happy to be on my team.

I traded Marty Turco and Erik Karlsson for Derek Roy, Ryan Suter and a fourth round draft pick.  

Overall, I’m excited about this trade. Like the one I made a couple of months ago, this is designed to help both teams.  

To do with my team, their getting decimated by injuries, and not from normal guys, suck as Marian Gaborik. I have guys like Teemu Selanne, Brian Gionta and David Booth on the injured list right now. I actually have the second most points-per-game in the league, but am second last in games played.  

Because of this, I’m 57 points out of first.  

So trading Turco hurts me at the goaltending spot. But I have Carey Price there, and I’m pretty confident he can pick up the slack there (Price is 13 points behind Turco in the standings).  

Karlsson, with five points, wasn’t even counting for me in the defensive spot. After watching him play, I don’t think he’ll be that great a defenceman. I’ve actually been trying to trade him for several weeks now, because I figured his upside would never be higher.  

Derek Roy is 26 years old, and has scored at least 63 points the last three years, including 81 two years ago. His numbers already move me 11 points higher in the standings.  

Suter is a great young defenceman (only 24 years old) and has 16 points this year. He’s also going to move me 11 points up the standings.  

For Matt, the guy I made the trade with, he gets immediate help as well. He had four goalies before this trade, and none of them were playing well, or have been injured (Cam Ward, Pascal Leclaire, Chris Mason and JS Giguere). So he needed a goalie. Turco automatically becomes his #1 goalie.  

He also needed a rookie (we’re allowed to keep two rookies at the end of the year). So even though Karlsson won’t help him now, Matt’s hoping Karlsson will help him in the future if he matures into the player Sens fans hope he will.  

Points wise, Matt breaks even, but like I said, needed a goalie if he’s going to make a push for first (he’s in second spot, 41 points out).  

The last thing was the draft pick. Yes, the fourth round doesn’t sound great, but I’ve already started looking ahead to it. I think there are lots of players that are not drafted that can help a team. So acquiring a draft pick is a bonus.  

Overall, I like this trade. I think it helps both teams, both now and in the future.  



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2 responses to “My keeper pool trade

  1. A Bit Of Everything Sports

    Not sure it was a Blockbuster, a big deal for sure but in light of some of the other moves that were made it ranks as 3rd in terms of being mind blowing. Decent deal for all involved. Congrats on even getting a deal done in the economic climate that is the game of hockey. Clearly you have no love for Karlsson so that was good before it became a distraction in the room.

  2. M@

    I voted for me.


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