Roy Halladay traded

I think I became a little bit less of a Blue Jays fan yesterday.

Roy Halladay is now gone from the Blue Jays.

Roy Halladay, my favourite baseball player, who happened to play on my favourite baseball team, was traded.

At first, I was disappointed. Then I heard former Cy Young winner Cliff Lee was involved, so that cheered me up a little bit. But then I found out that Lee was going to Seattle, not Toronto.

No, the Blue Jays were getting a bunch of prospects I’ve never head of before.

This always seems to be the case with the Blue Jays. They don’t trade for major players anymore. They trade for prospects, and sign bit players when their best seasons have passed them by.

I understand the Jays needed to trade Halladay. It’s a business, and Halladay hinted that he wouldn’t resign with the Blue Jays.

But they couldn’t get a superstar, or at least an all-star, in return?

There’s no way they’ll make the playoffs at this rate. Yes, it’s difficult to match up against the New York Yankees and the Boston Red Sox, with the way that they spend money. But the Jays need to be able to compete with that at some level, whether it be getting one or two superstars to shore up the lineup, or having a bunch of players who can compete at every level (offence and defence).

Until then, they’ll be stuck battling for third place in their division. And now they’ll have to do it without the best pitcher in the game.


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