Top 10 signs Ovechkin is a dirty player

To paraphrase Ric Flair, Alexander Ovechkin is the dirtiest player in the NHL today.

There's no doubt #8 is the dirtiest player in the NHL.

So far, he’s been protected because of his superstar status.

But guys are getting injured, and it’s time the NHL step in to do something.

Ovechkin has been in the league for a little more than three years. In that time, he has managed to injure player after player with questionable hits.

After the game earlier tonight (check out the video of the knee on knee against Tim Gleason below), there’s no doubt now that it’s time the NHL step in to suspend him. When Ovechkin got injured in a knee-on-knee hit that he created, there were probably many NHLers saying “Good, he deserved it.”

Here is video evidence of how dirty #8 can be.

Slewfoot on Rich Peverly

Knee on knee with Sergei Gonchar

Late hit on Daniel Briere

Hit from behind on Jamie Heward

Hit to the head in Russia

Knee on knee with Denis Wideman (go to the 1:38 mark)

Blindside hit on Dustin Brown

Late slap shot against Rob Scuderi

Boarding on Patrick Kaleta

Knee on knee with Tim Gleason


If you weren’t keeping count, that’s 10 examples of dirty hits from Ovechkin.

You want to guess how many times he was suspended? Once. By the Russian league for the elbow as he came off the bench.

The NHL needs to suspend this guy. We saw last night what could happen if the NHL continues to turn a blind eye. I’m just surprised that it was Ovechkin himself that was the cause of his own injury, as opposed to a teammate of someone he’s injured.

The NHL needs to step up and suspend Ovechkin for the safety of all NHL players, including #8 himself.



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4 responses to “Top 10 signs Ovechkin is a dirty player

  1. Steve Penney

    Gee, Tom…did you have your voodoo dool out last night? A little instant karma maybe?

  2. Nathan

    Right on but Ovechkin is a money maker for the league they wont suspend him. I say if he acts like a goon treat him like one. I wonder what Bettman would do if a team sent their tough guys out against Ovechkin? Lets some muscle neck deal with him.

  3. Joe

    The hit on Briere, The slew foot on Peverly, the knee on knee with Gleason, the hit on Brown. Would all qualify as dirty plays. But all of these other’s are just hockey plays. The knee on knee with Gonchar you can clearly see he has him lined up and if Gonchar doesn’t see him coming that’s just a shoulder to the chest. The hit on Kaleta, that’s called hockey. Not at all a dirty play. He has Kaleta lined up, and at the last moment Kaleta turns his head, and goes into the boards. The slap shot to Scuderi is questionable. He does have great accuracy on his shots so you could argue he meant to do it, bu8t Scuderi is right in line with the goal, Ovechkin takes last second shots at the goal a lot as the period winds down. What he did to Jamie Heward was just a terrible accident. 1st of all he’d never want to hurt a friend like that. From what I’ve heard these two still talk to each other, even though there not teammates anymore. And even that, Heward turns at the last second how is he supposed to anticipate that? The hit on Wirz wasn’t an elbow, you can see in the side angle he doesn’t raise his elbow until after the check is over, which is common for any checks in hockey. I don’t think he earned a suspension for that one. The one thing that people never seem to throw into this whole “Ovechkin is a dirty player” thing, is how he skates. I watch almost every Caps game every year so I do watch him play more than anyone else. He skates very wide with his legs all the time. It’s not just the slew foot’s or knee on knee hits. He always has skated very wide.

    And to respond to you’re article, everyone has there own opinion about things and I respect yours I just happen to disagree with it. And to say Ovechkin is the dirtiest player in the league is completely false. Ever see guys like Sean Avery, Evgeny Artyukhin, Georges Laraque, Todd Bertuzi, etc. Guys like that are real dirty players. And when you play this hard all the time, a lot of this stuff is bound to happen. There are very few guys in this league who go over 200 hits every year that don’t have some run in’s like this. And I personally would rather have a physical superstar as the face of this league. He shows he can score and hit better than anyone else. He’s also the only player ever with 60+ goals, and 200+ hits in a season.

    My point is. He’s not the dirtiest player in the league by any stretch, but he has made some dirty plays. But if I was George Mcphee of Bruce Boudreau, I would tell him to keep playing the way he is, because it’s exciting and he is proving himself as the best player in the NHL

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