Week 12 NFL picks


Mark Sanchez has thrown a lot of interceptions this season.

After Thursday’s games, I do have one thing to say: Is Matthew Stafford and Mark Sanchez in on some sort of bet with one another? Maybe something along the lines of “hey, let’s see which one of us can throw the most interceptions without losing the number one starter’s position, because we’re both rookies and there’s no the coaches are going to bench us in these cities.”

Sanchez had thrown 16 picks, six of them in the last two games. Stafford has thrown 18, also six in the past two games. They’ve both had games where they’ve thrown five interceptions. And they’re both in the top three in the league for INTs (along with Jay Cutler, whose never met an opposing player he wouldn’t throw the ball to).

Right now, Stafford has the lead, and he’s also missed two games because of injury. Although Sanchez has thrown nine fumbles into the deal.

So all this is my way of saying, let’s just pretend Thursday never happened, shall we?

Because of family obligations today, I don’t have time for a game by game prediction, so you’re getting the quickie. Enjoy!

Miami at Buffalo Line: Dolphins by 3 1/2 Bills
Indianapolis at Houston Line: Colts by 3 1/2 Colts
Cleveland at Cincinnati Line: Bengals by 13 1/2 Bengals
Carolina at NY Jets Line: Jets by 2 1/2 Jets
Tampa Bay at Atlanta Line: Falcons by 12 1/2 Falcons
Washington at Philadelphia Line: Eagles by 9 1/2 Eagles
Seattle at St.Louis Line: Seahawks by 2 1/2 Seahawks
Kansas City at San Diego Line: Chargers by 13 1/2 Chiefs
Jacksonville at San Francisco Line: 49ers by 3 1/2 Jaguars
Chicago at Minnesota Line: Vikings by 10 1/2 Bears
Arizona at Tennessee Line: Titans by 1 1/2 Titans
Pittsburgh at Baltimore Line: Ravens by 2 1/2 Steelers
New England at New Orleans Line: Saints by 2 1/2 Saints



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