Keeper pool update

So about two months, I blogged about entering my first ever keeper hockey pool league, and my draft results.

First-round pick Evgeni Malkin needs to pick it up.

Later, I wrote about a major trade that happened that I was involved in. I thought it would be fun to revisit those picks and see how I’m faring so far, about a quarter-way into the season.

Round 1, #2 overall: Evgeni Malkin (21 points in 17 games

Malkin was injured for a few games (pay attention to this, because you’re about to notice a trend as you read all these). Still the stud on my team, but I’m going to need him to up the point total if I’m going to win.

Round 2, #17 overall: Evgeni Nabokov  (38 points in 22 games

Awesome pick (best pick of the round). I only wish we wouldn’t lose so many games by 3-1 or 4-1 scores. Shutouts count for this league. 

Round 3, #20 overall: Nicklas Backstrom (the goalie)

He was part of a trade for Carey Price, so I’ll use Price’s stats here instead:

Carey Price: 15 points in 17 games It may not sound like a lot, but I’m happy with this. He’s not one of my top two goalies, and this trade was made for the future. Plus, he’s proven in the past few weeks that he is the #1 goalie in Montreal, so this bodes well for me in the future.

Round 4, #35 overall: Sergei Gonchar (8 points in 12 games)

He was on a tear early this season, until he got injured. Despite missing so many games, he’s still my third highest defenceman. He came back last week, and as soon as he shakes off some of the rust, he’ll be back on a good scoring pace.

Round 5, #38 overall: Alexander Semin (17 points in 18 games)

Just what I wanted: a point a game player. But he’s missing a little too much time for my liking. Is now out until the beginning of December. 

 Round 6, #53 overall: Marian Gaborik (32 points in 21 games)

My strategy in the draft was sound so far. Mostly point-per-game players. He’s only a point behind Anze Kopitar for best pick of the round. I took a gamble he would stay healthy, and so far, so good. 

Round 7, #56 overall: Mike Cammalleri (21 points in 24 games

Another solid pick, and getting better as the season moves along. If he can ever stop playing games with career AHLers, then he should finish with about 80 points.

Round 8, #71 overall: Duncan Keith (18 points in 22 games)

I was disappointed with this pick originally, but it’s turned into a great choice. He’s my highest-scoring d-man.

Duncan Keith is doing much better than I thought.

Round 9, #74 overall: Erik Karlsson (3 points in 9 games)

It doesn’t help he was sent down to the minors, and probably won’t get recalled unless he stays with the club for the season. Still, this was a pick for the future, so I’m happy with him staying in the AHL and getting better. Plus, if he doesn’t come back, he counts as a rookie again next season.

Round 10, #89 overall: Derick Brassard

 Brassard was part of the Price trade. So instead of Brassard…

Joni Pitkanin: 6 points in 15 games

I got younger on defence, and there’s no way Carolina continues to be this brutal. I’m convinced he’ll turn it around. 

Round 11, #92  overall: Alexei Kovalev (10 points in 19 games)

He’s a bum. Any one want him?

Round 12, #107 overall: Jonas Gustavsson

This is what I wrote originally: My third goalie, but this is more of a pick for the future. He’ll be the Leafs #1 guy by November.

He’s now the #1 guy. At one point, he was playing every game, until the team realized they were paying Toskala more. But with Toskala now injured, Jonas is the #1 goalie there. And right on time too.

Round 13, #110 overall: Scott Niedermayer (14 points in 22 games)

Solid pick. Lots of points, and an easy decision to drop him at the end of the season when he retires.  

Round 14, #125 overall: Blake Wheeler (12 points in 23 games) A bit of a slow start, but most of the Bruins struggled when Marc Savard was injured. With Savard back, look for the Bruins (including Wheeler) to get more points. 

Round 15, #128 overall: Marty Turco (27 points in 16 games)

Easily the best pick of the round (the next highest point getter from this round has 13 points). Turco picks me up some extra points because he’ll assist on about 10 goals this year. Will also make great trade bait if my team is struggling. 

Round 16, #143 overall: David Booth (3 points in 9 games)

This was a great pick until he got concussed. Hopefully, he recovers soon, but I doubt it. 

Round 17, #146 overall: Evander Kane (12 points in 20 games)

Lost some points when Kovalchuk went down with an injury, but I’m happy with the progress of the rookie. 

Round 18, #161 overall: Stephen Weiss (15 points in 22 games)

Started off the season horribly, but has recovered to a point-per-game guy for the last 10 games or so.  

Round 19, #164 overall: Rob Blake (6 points in 16 games) Slow start, now injured. Stupid Rob Blake! 

Round 20, #179 overall: Mathieu Schneider (4 points in 10 games)

I knew he was starting off the season slowly, but he hasn’t looked good since coming back.

Round 21, #182 overall: Brian Gionta (13 points in 19 games) 

 Did you notice the trend I pointed out at the first pick? Another solid choice who is injured.

Round 22, #197 overall: Teemu Selanne (15 points in 22 games)

My last choice, and is the best pick for the round. Great choice. 


So what did we learn? Ten of my 22 picks have already seen some time on the injury list. I actually have the second-best points per game, but is second-worst when it comes to man games played. If my guys can stay healthy, I can hopefully put together a run in the last three-quarters of the season.

Rob Blake not playing. Just like my hockey pool team.

Blake Wheeler will have a much better season now that Savard is back.

Carey Price has stepped up his game lately.


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