Battle of the Blades followup

So last night was the finale of Battle of the Blades. 

Jamie Sale was one-half of the winning team on Battle of the Blades.

I can sum up this show in four words:

I didn’t watch it.

In fact, I don’t know anyone that did. That doesn’t bode well for CBC.

What was interesting, is that I thought for sure Tie Domi would win. I figured a show like this, if the audience was voting, it would go to the player who had the biggest fan base in his career.

And with the cast of players they had, it was Domi without a doubt.

But maybe it worked the other way. The people who watched would have been figure skating fans, so they would have voted for their favourite.

And that was Jamie Sale, who won the competition with her partner, Craig Simpson. She was easily the most famous (and cutest) of all the skaters.

It’s also kind of funny that the CBC personality, Simpson, was the one that won the competition.

Anyways, congrats to the winners.

Anyone know what they won?


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One response to “Battle of the Blades followup

  1. Stacie

    Hi Tom,
    They won $100,000 towards their charity.
    I only watched the finale and it was great–unfortunately the CBC was having broadcasting troubles and had to reshow it one hour later though.

    It’s a great concept for a show and I am sure it’s going to keep going and maybe start in other countries.

    Hockey and figure skating are two sports that Canadians love to watch. To see hockey players soften up and skate in a different way was not only funny but endearing.

    You should try watching it!

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