Week 8 NFL predictions

A much better result last week, as I went 7-6.

Kevin Walter of the Houston Texans has been a disappointment so far in my fantasy pool.

Okay, so not the greatest week, but a huge improvement on the 4-10 week the week earlier. But I guaranteed five wins, and I got them.

No such guarantee this week, but I’m pretty confident with this week’s picks.

I thought this week I would not only give my picks, but also say what the impact will be on my fantasy team this week (I’m a 22-point underdog, so it doesn’t look good) and how they’re doing. If there’s no mention of my fantasy team, then I have no one on those teams.

On to the picks:

Denver Broncos at Baltimore Ravens, Ravens favoured by 3 1/2

Like I wrote last week, if a team is undefeated this late in the season, you have to stick with them until they lose. The Broncos fall into this category. The Ravens play tough defence, but they’re lost a few games this year, so it’s not like they play perfect. Broncos to win.

Houston Texans at Buffalo Bills, Texans favoured by 3 1/2

I have two players on my fantasy team playing this week. I have Kevin Walter, the Texans wide receiver, who has been a bust. He missed the first few weeks, and has only one touchdown this season, compared to 10 last year. But I’ll be playing him because my #1 WR, Randy Moss, is on a bye week. I also have Marshawn Lynch, the runningback for the Bills. I won’t be dressing him this week because I have some better matchups (and because Lynch plays for the Bills, who don’t have a quarterback), but I’m hoping he gets stronger as the season goes on. As for the game, Texans to win.

New York Giants at Philadelphia Eagles, Eagles favoured by 1 1/2

This is a bad news/good news/bad news situation. The bad news is that I have Brian Westbrook, who suffered a concussion and probably won’t be playing on Sunday. The good news is that I was smart enough in the draft to grab his backup, LeSean McCoy. The bad news is that he’s playing a Giants team that will be angry over losing their last two games, and will be out for blood. I also have the Giants defence, but I have them on the bench this week because of other favourable matchups. Giants to win.

Miami Dolphins at New York Jets, Jets favoured by 3 1/2

Mark Sanchez is on my bench this week.

I have Mark Sanchez, who I have on the bench, because I feel my top two quarterbacks will have much better weeks. I also have the Jets kicker, Jay Feely. As for the game, I anticipate Miami to control time with the ball, as they normally do, but I still expect the Jets to pull off the win. Jets to win.

San Francisco at Indianapolis Colts, Colts favoured by 12 1/2

I have the Colts defence, and I think they’ll be much better than the Giants defence, mostly because they’re playing a weaker team that’s not a division foe. And that’s it. I never seem to get any of the Colts offensive players. No reason, it just doesn’t work that way. Anyways, despite the big spread, I expect the Colts to win easily.

Cleveland Browns at Chicago Bears, Bears favoured by 13 1/2

I have the Bears defence. Now you can see why I’m not dressing the Giants defence. The Bears, who got hammered last week 49-7, are favoured by almost two touchdowns. The Browns can’t get anything going on offence, so I expect the Bears to clean up on defence. They’re projected to get 8.64 points, but I think that’s way underestimating them. Bears to win.

Seattle Seahawks at Dallas Cowboys, Cowboys favoured by 9 1/2

John Carlson is my starting tight end.

I have John Carlson, the tight end for the Seahawks. I think the tight end position is overrated in fantasy, so I never worry much about it. As long as they don’t get me negative fantasy points, I’m happy. And Carlson does have almost 300 yards and two touchdowns this year. Regardless, the Cowboys are starting to gel after a sloppy start. Cowboys to win.

St. Louis Rams at Detroit Lions, Lions favoured by 3 1/2

I’m not stupid enough to have any players of these two teams in my fantasy pool. As for the pick, let me explain it this way. When I made my picks, there was no line for this game. Despite the Lions having one win in their last 20-someodd games, I took the Lions with no hesitation. That’s how bad the Rams are. Lions to win.

Oakland Raiders at San Diego Chargers, Chargers favoured by 16 1/2

This game will be a blowout, but I don’t think the Chargers will win by 17. I think they’ll come on strong, but Oakland will keep it the blowout at two touchdowns, probably getting a late TD to cover. Oakland to cover.

Jacksonville Jaguars at Tennessee Titans, Titans favoured by 2 1/2

So what’s crazier? That an 0-6 team that lost their last game 59-0 is a favourite, or that I’m choosing an 0-6 team that lost its last game 59-0? Tennessee to win.

Minnesota Vikings at Green Bay Packers, Packers favoured by 2 1/2

Both Brett Favre and Aaron Rodgers are my starting quarterbacks.

So this is why I’m not dressing Mark Sanchez this week. I have both Brett Favre and Aaron Rodgers. I think both of them will come out on fire, and throw aplenty. Favre will want to prove to his former fans that he still has it, while Rodgers will want to show that he’s better than the legend he replaced. By the way, they have Favre predicted to score 8.12 fantasy points, and Rodgers with 11.02. When they met a few weeks back, they scored a total of almost 32 fantasy points combined, and Rodgers was sacked eight times that lost him a point each time. Vikings to win, with both of these guys leading me to a fantasy win.

Carolina Panthers at Arizona Cardinals, Cardinals favoured by 8 1/2

I have Jake Delhomme, but he’s on the bench, and he’d be there even if I knew if he was starting or not. I also have Jonathan Stewart, who is expected to get about 3.83 fantasy points this week. I disagree with this. I think this is the week the Panthers use a lot of their running game, and Stewart will benefit from that. From Arizona, I have Anquan Boldin and Tim Hightower, two strong plays this week considering how bad the Panthers are. Cardinals to win.

Atlanta Falcons at New Orleans Saints, Saints favoured by 9 1/2

I have Devery Henderson from the Saints, which is never a bad play. Each week, it seems like a different player comes through and has a huge fantasy week. I’m going to keep dressing Henderson because I’ll never know which week will be his turn. And, as always, I go with the undefeated team. Saints to win.


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