I’ll stick with Canadian food, thanks

I ate a Twinkie at the Grand Canyon.

I ate a Twinkie while visiting the U.S.

So when I was in the U.S. a couple of weeks ago, I had a chance to taste a bunch of their cuisine I’ve always wanted to try, but never could.

There were a few items that were high on my list. One of the big things is anything to do with sugar. From what I understand, Canadian sweets uses sugar from Cuba. But American sweets don’t, because of a U.S. embargo on Cuban sugar. That’s why some Canadian chocolate bars aren’t for sale in the U.S., for example.

So while waiting in the airport in Denver on the way there, I picked up some fuzzy peaches. I love the Canadian version. It’s my favourite type of candy. But the American version did taste different. In Canada, you can taste more of the sugar, while in the U.S., you can taste more of the jelly candy portion.

A couple of days later, I was at a buffet in the States, and they had a crazy food combination I’d never heard of. First off, let me say, I love sweet potato fries. They’re way better than normal fries. But at this buffet, they had them mashed (never seen that before). And not only were they mashed, but they had marshmallows mixed up in them. It was a weird combo. Were there really people who tought mashed fries needed a little something to make sure it got added to the junk food group? Anyways, these didn’t really taste that good. So my food journey was becoming a disappointment.

The next day, I had my first ever Twinkie. I grew up on Joe Louis (different types of cakes, similar to Twinkies). May West, 1/2 moons, Pique, Swiss Rolls, all of them. So I was excited to have a Twinkie. And what do you know, they come in packs of two. And that was two too many. Very disappointed. They don’t hold a candle to the Canadian version. It just didn’t taste good. They tasted stale.

Penny, from the Big Bang Theory, should stop working at the Cheesecake Factory.

Penny, from the Big Bang Theory, should stop working at the Cheesecake Factory.

I also went to the Cheesecake Factory. Because I was just getting over the flu, I wasn’t hungry enough to eat a meal and some cheesecake. But again, I was disappointed. The food was fine, don’t get me wrong (the bacon on the hamburger was some of the best I’ve had). But I thought the Cheesecake Factory was a smaller, more quaint dine-in restaurant, like you see on The Big Bang Theory. Instead, it was more of a larger-type cookie-cutter restaurant. Again, a disappointment.

So while I had a fun trip, I realize that the food in Canada is better. Or maybe I just prefer it because I grew up with it. Who knows? But I know it will be a long time before I eat mashed sweet potato fries with marshmallows.



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4 responses to “I’ll stick with Canadian food, thanks

  1. Amy Matthews

    You can’t diss The Cheesecake Factory!!! That place rocks!!!! You should also try In N Out burgers, fish tacos, and Mrs. Fields’ Milk Chocolate Macadamia Nut Cookies before you judge!!! I want to try brisket sometime too! Don’t get me started on this topic!

  2. I didn’t know about that sugar thing. That is pretty interesting. Sorry your Twinkie experience didn’t live up to your expectations. As a kid I always was curious of hogie sandwiches that Bill Cosby would eat on the Cosby Show. I think they are just normal sandwiches but in Canada we can’t go order a Hogie can we? Maybe a meatball sub or something similar

  3. Fred LaCerra

    Shouldn’t the mashed sweet potato fries just be called mashed sweet potatoes?

  4. Yes, yes they should. But I’ve never had sweet potatoes, just sweet potato fries. So I guess that’s how I’ll always refer to them.

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