Keeper pool hockey trade

So I made my first ever hockey pool keeper pool trade.

Carey Price will be leading my hockey pool team for years to come.

Carey Price will be leading my hockey pool team for years to come.

And it was a doozy.

I traded Nicklas Backstrom (the goalie), Derrick Brassard and my fifth round draft pick to Nick for Carey Price, Joni Pitkanen and a fourth round draft pick. 

I think this was a deal that worked out well for both teams. Nick had three goalies, two of who aren’t doing that great this year (Price and Mike Smith, he also has Miikka Kiprusoff). So he needed a goalie that could pull off at least 80 points. Backstrom can do that for him. Even though the Wild are off to a slow start, I still believe Backstrom can get 30-plus wins and five-plus shutouts.

Nick also gets a young potential superstar in Brassard, who should be good for at least 70 points a season if he can stay healthy.

I get overall youth. I had four goalies (Backstrom, Evgeni Nabokov, Marty Turco and Jonas Gustavsson). Getting Price gives me two young goalies. Plus, since only two goalies count in our standings, Nabakov and Turco will be leading my team in points this year. By the time they’re too old to do so, Price and Gustavsson will be able to carry my team.

As well, my defencemen were old. While I have Erik Karlsson and Duncan Keith, I also have Mathieu Schneider, Sergei Gonchar, Rob Blake and Scott Niedermeyer. And with Gonchar getting injured (and Schneider not back yet), I needed to get another defenceman. So grabbing a younger player was important. Pitkanen is 26, which means he’s about to enter his prime years as a defenceman.

I was worried about losing Brassard, but swapping draft picks helps alleviate that a little bit.

So Nick improves his team, I improve my team, and I move up the draft a little.

A win win on both sides, I believe.



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3 responses to “Keeper pool hockey trade

  1. A Bit Of Everything Sports

    Good for nick, not sure if you fared as well. I may be willing to move a Hab by the name of Jaroslav Spacek if the “Price” is right.

  2. Dan

    Are you nuts? It looks to me like Price’s time in Montreal might be almost up. Halak has always been a bonafide backup and is showing he can be more consistent.

  3. Remember, Marc-Andre Fleury was horrible for years, so much so some were thinking the Penguins ruined the kid by rushing him to the NHL. Now, he’s one of the best in the league.

    If you look at every goalie in the league except for maybe two, they all struggled at some point in their career, especially early on.

    Price will comeback. Sure, Price may not have a great year this year, but like I said in the post, this is a trade for the future.

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