Habs player in a sexist ad?

So Georges Laraque, a current member of the Montreal Canadiens (I think: can you be on a team if you play four minutes a game for 30 games a year?)….

This is one of the Octane girls. I dont know what that means.

This is one of the Octane girls. I don't know what that means.

Anyways, Laraque is apparently in a bit of hot water for an ad he appeared in to do with an energy drink.

But is it a sexist ad? I don’t believe so.

First, a bit about the participants in this story:

Georges Laraque: One of the most feared fighters in the NHL who makes millions of dollars to sometimes punch players in the face.

The Octane Girls: I have no idea who they are.

Anyways, on to the supposedly “sexist” video:

There’s no way that can be considered a sexist video. If anything, there’s quite a few other genres this commercial would fall into.

Educational (from the 14-second mark to the 42-second mark): See those girls stretching? This teaches people the importance of stretching before sports. Always important. We’re taught that in gym class in high school, at the gym as adults, and before every sport you play.

Motivational: I know I’m in the mood to go play ball hockey now, aren’t you?

Fiction: I played tons of street hockey as a kid. None of the games ever looked like that.

Musical: There’s music in the commercial. Enough said.

Fantasy (from the 52-second mark to the 56-second mark): See that spin move put on by Georges Laraque? Pure fantasy!

See? So not only should this video be not considered sexist, it should be praised for teaching so much about other genres of film.


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