2009 preview: Anaheim Ducks

This team reminds me of my fantasy hockey team.

Young at forward, old on the defence and a mix for goaltending.

They’ll be a contender this season. They have enough experience all around to be one of the top teams in the west. It just depends if they have enough experience to be a contender in the playoffs.

Story of the season: How will the defence do without the big three? The Ducks traded Chris Pronger in the offseason, and lost Francis Beauchemin to free agency. Scott Nidermayer may retire at the end of the season. That’s a lot of big minutes that need to be taken up by the rest of the players. Can they handle it?

Former Habs: Saku Koivu (sniff)

Blog to follow: Battle of California

TV commercial break

Pool Picks: Saku Koivu. He won’t have to worry about carrying the team on his back. He won’t have to worry about any controversy about if he knows French or not. He’s playing with his best friend. I see Koivu getting 65 points at least. Stay away from: Ryan Whitney. He’ll finish the season with about 40 points.

Award nominees: Jean-Sebastien Giguere for the Vezina

Expected Finish: Second in the Pacific, fourth in the West

Cheerleader: The Ducks have their own ice girls.


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