2009 preview: Ottawa Senators

 The Ottawa Senators have been tasting more defeat than normal the past couple of years.

After making the playoffs for 11 straight years (one of which included a trip to the finals), the Sens have struggled. Some of that will be fixed this year, but this will be a team that will struggle to make the postseason.

Story of the season: How will the second line fare? After years of being a one-line team, that is no longer true of the Sens. Sure, the top line may have decreased in skill a little bit, but that’s a good thing if it balances the lines more. As long as there’s no temptation to put Alexei Kovalev, Jason Spezza and Daniel Alfredsson on one line, the Sens will be a harder team to play against.

Former Habs: Alexei Kovalev, Matt Carkner

Blog to follow: Five for Smiting

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Pool Picks: Jonathan Cheechoo. Yes, I’m well aware of his stats. In fact, I told people not to choose him last year in my preview for the San Jose Sharks. But I think he’ll break free this season. He won’t get his 50 goal, but 50 points is definitely attainable. Stay away from: Mike Fisher. Sure, he’s had a strong training camp, but his regular season stats are brutal. Yet every year, some crazy person will select him. Don’t be that person, but be prepared to laugh at those who do (in fact, it’s encouraged).

Award nominees: Jason Spezza for the Lady Byng

Expected Finish: Fifth in the Northeast, 10th in the East

Cheerleader: Carrie Underwood, girlfriend of Mike Fisher, is the closest you’ll get to a Sens cheerleader.



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4 responses to “2009 preview: Ottawa Senators

  1. Graham

    Just revisited this post….pick Cheechoo and stay away from Fisher? Aw well, hindsight is 20/20.

  2. Yeah, but to be fair, I’m trying to pick players one normally wouldn’t take.

  3. Graham

    Look! It’s the name of your future autobiography again “Yeah, but” 🙂

  4. Maybe we should visit your blog to see how you did on your predictions. 😉

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