2009 preview: Montreal Canadiens

Habs fans should be prepared for a lot of jokes this year, especially at the start of the season.

Smurf jokes. Jokes about wearing the player’s names on the front of the jersey. The Price is Wrong jokes.

But the Habs should rebound this year. They won’t contend for the division title, but they should be able to make the playoff easily.

And that’s no joke.

Story of the season: What Carey Price will show up this season? The rookie who took Montreal by storm after winning the Calder Cup, or the guy who looks too cocky while giving up five goals on 17 shots? Price will be the difference for the Habs this year, whether good or bad.

Former Habs: Too many to list

Blog to follow: Four Habs Fans, Dennis Kane’s Excellent Montreal Canadiens Blog

TV commercial break

Pool Picks: Andrei Kostitsyn. He’ll be on the top two lines, and should benefit from new linemates. He can probably get 60 points this year. Stay away from: Tomas Plekanec. I can’t even get him points in my Playstation game. He had one good year when Alexei Kovalev had his best season with the Habs, but that was about it. He’ll be somewhere around 40 points.

Award nominees: Travis Moen for the Selke trophy

Expected Finish: Second in the Northeast, fifth in the East

Cheerleader: The Habs don’t have cheerleaders, so this will have to do.


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