A fun night with the WWE

So I had the chance to go see the WWE live on Saturday night, as the wrestling superstars made a trek into Ottawa.

Randy Orton poses before his tag team match.

Randy Orton poses before his tag team match.

I had a pretty good time, my wife less so. She got more and more bored as the night went on.

I thought it was pretty entertaining. I’ve been a wrestling fan for years, so anytime I have the chance to go, I try to do so.

The tickets were great. First row of the first level. Same price as the back row of the floor seats, but better, because there’s no one in front of me. That way I avoid people standing up and blocking my view all the time.

Here are the results and some observations:

Dolph Ziggler yells at some ringside fans.

Dolph Ziggler yells at some ringside fans.

Match 1: The Great Khali beats Dolph Ziggler. Despite the slow pace (Ziggler kept leaving the ring at the beginning: Probably about seven times before the first hold happened), it was pretty entertaining. Khali was pretty popular. My wife recognized Khali right away from Get Smart.

Match 2: Seamus defeats Goldust. I don’t watch ECW, so I don’t know much of what’s happening there, or many of the new wrestlers. I’ve heard a lot of good things about Seamus, but was pretty disappointed. He slagged on the Sens before the match began. I kept waiting for a Dany Heatley reference (he would have gotten a ton of heat for that one), but I guess he didn’t hear about the trade.

Gail Kim flies through the air.

Gail Kim flies through the air.

Match 3: The Bella Twins and Gail Kim win over Alicia Fox, Jillian Hall and Natalya. I was pretty stoked about this one. Jillian Hall was better than I thought she would be, but Alicia Fox was just as brutal as she is on TV. Natalya is everything you’ve heard (if you’ve only heard good things). While twins wrestling is nice, it would be better if they wore different outfits so the fans could tell them apart. Gail Kim was great as usual, but not in the match long enough. But it was a great match, and the only one my wife enjoyed, I think.

Match 4: Evan Bourne defeats Carlito. Carlito looks smaller. Good match, and the crowd went nuts for the shooting star press.

Match 5: Cryme Tyme beat Hart Dynasty. The Dynasty got on the mike before the match, and ran down Ottawa somewhat to try and get some heat. Again, no mention of Heatley. Do none of the wrestlers follow the news? The event took place at Scotiabank Place, where Heatley was doing his training camp stuff before getting traded only hours before. You think someone would have said something to one of the wrestlers.

If you're trying to make the crowd boo you, mention Dany Heatley. Seamus could have used that lesson.

If you're trying to make the crowd boo you, mention Dany Heatley. Seamus could have used that lesson.

Blog Intermission: If any of the wrestlers wanted to get the crowd to boo them, all they had to do was say “Dany Heatley was right to want to leave this place.” That’s it. And the crowd would have hated them, even if people didn’t know Heatley was traded just hours earlier.

And now back to our regularly scheduled match…

Cryme Tyme won the match. Somewhat entertaining bout.

Match 6: Kofi Kingston defeated the Miz. People seem to like Kofi. I don’t see the appeal. The match seemed sloppy at times. The young kid behind kept yelling “You’re the Miz… and you suck!” Best part of the match.

Match 7: Christian wins a three-way match against William Regal and Tommy Dreamer. Tiffany came out to do the ring announcing. Again, I have no idea who she is. Another entertaining match.

HHH and Randy Orton get ready to face off.

HHH and Randy Orton get ready to face off.

Match 8 and the main event: Triple H and John Cena beats Big Show and Randy Orton. I thought the crowd was loud earlier, but it was nothing compared with Triple H came out. It was nuts. And it seemed like Cena fans were trying to be just as loud (I give it to HHH). Very entertaining match. The crowd was into it from start to finish. Cena pinned Orton for the win.

Some observations:

• Randy Orton takes forever to walk to the ring. I swear, he walks as if he’s 90 years old. All he needs is a walker to make the look complete. If Orton had been faster, we may have had time for another match.

• While I understand not everyone can be on the card, I was disappointed that there was no Chris Jericho or Maria. It also would have been cool if CM Punk or Undertaker were there, but the first two were the ones I really wanted to see.

• I have seen a few wrestling shows now, and I have to say, I think Big Show has to be the best entertainer (or at least the most underrated). He’s always in a good match, can use his size to his advantage, and seems to be having fun out there. He can play the monster heel, or the fun good guy. He’s always had an entertaining match when I’ve seen him live, and I think has actually wrestled every time I’ve gone to an event.


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