$2 gambling experiment

I’m not a big gambler.

I wonder how good this guy would have done at Proline?

I wonder how good this guy would have done at Proline?

I don’t like going to the casinos, and I don’t like roulette, blackjack or most other card games.

Poker is good, but I don’t think I’ve ever played for more than a $10 entry fee.

And then there are hockey pools, but I don’t consider them gambling, because I usually win them.

Anyways, I play Proline a few times a year, mostly throughout the football season.

For those not from Ontario, Proline is the governments version of gambling, where you can make certain bets on certain sports (for example, they don’t allow betting on the NBA).

Anyways, one of the things you can do is go with or against a spread. Picking two teams will win you two times your bet if you’re right.

So I decided to do an experiment for this NFL football season.

I’m going to choose two games a week in the spread format. I started this week by choosing both the New England Patriots to beat Buffalo by more than 12 points against the Buffalo Bills, and the San Diego Chargers to win by more than 12 against the Oakland Raiders (both, coincidentally, are the Monday night games).

I bet $2, so if I win, I’ll collect $4.

Next week, I’ll choose two games, and bet $4. If successful, then I’ll go again the next week and bet my earnings.

If I can get this all the way to the end of the regular football season, that means I would collect $262,144 in the final week.

Well, not quite. You can only bet $100 on the spread. So if I make it to week 6, I’ll only be able to bet $100 of my $128 winnings.

Once I lose a week, that’s it. But it only cost $2 to try this experiment.

I figure it shouldn’t be too difficult to find two games a week that I feel confident enough in to bet on.


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One response to “$2 gambling experiment

  1. A Bit of Everything Sports

    Good experiment while it lasted. One hell of a finish from a fans point of view…not so much if you have money on the game! Mayb call this pre season and start it officially for week 2.

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