All About Steve review

So my wife and I went to see All About Steve yesterday.

All About Steve does have a few laughs.

All About Steve does have a few laughs.

It wasn’t my original plan. The two of us went to see Gamer instead, but it was too bloody and gory for my wife, so we left a few minutes in and went to the next theatre.

I enjoyed All About Steve. For a chick flick, it had its funny moments, and you don’t get the normal romantic comedy ending.

Just a forewarning though, I’m going to spoil this movie, so if you don’t want to know what happens, you should stop reading now.

Any time you go to a movie, you have to suspend your belief somewhat, but at the same time, the characters have to have a little bit of realism. Maybe the main characters are somewhat unbelievable, but the supporting ones have to balance that.

So a woman who’s good with words decides to stalk a TV cameraman (Steve, played by Bradley Cooper) across the country? Okay. I’ll go with the premise.

Said woman gets her car wrecked by a tornado, but still decides to follow her dream man? It’s pushing the line a bit, but I’ll allow it to keep the movie rolling.

The woman falls down a mineshaft? This is where I start to have problems.

In the last 20 minutes, no fewer than five major problems appeared in this film (and yes, you know I’m going to list them all).

Sandra Bullock stars in All About Steve.

Sandra Bullock stars in All About Steve.

1) At one point, a bunch of kids fall down the well. They get rescued. As this is going on, there is plenty of media, emergency personnel and onlookers around the site. Somehow, Sandra Bullock’s character, Mary Horowitz, doesn’t see any of this, and manages to fall down the same mine shaft.

2) In relation to the first one, how was this mineshaft not roped off? Big flaw.

3) While down in the hole, Mary finds a child that was not rescued. How could emergency rescuers overlook a child in a mineshaft? How how do the people who were with the girl, not realize she hasn’t been saved yet?

4) At some point, one of the newsmen decides to go down the mineshaft to rescue Mary. Again, how is this area no roped off so no one can approach the hole? What are the police officers doing at the site if they’re not doing their jobs?

5) The portrayal of the media. I just had to put that in there. For instance, when the media get a comment out of Mary’s parents, there’s no questions like “How are you feeling,” or “What can you tell us about Mary.” The questions are “How come Mary is such a weird person.” That’s just horrible.

6) At one point, we find out that there is carbon monoxide and Mary and the child could die. The rescuers manage to throw down lights into the hole so Mary can see. Why not throw a scuba tank full of oxygen?

7) Finally, when Mary is rescued, no one bothers to check on her. She’s allowed to run off to her friends, and a crowd of supporters are allowed to bypass a fence to surround her. Shouldn’t her injuries be looked at? And again, if the police aren’t keeping people behind the fence, what exactly are they doing there?

It’s funny, because up until the last 20 minutes, I thought the film was half-decent enough. But there were too many foolish things at that point to make this film too silly. It was still entertaining, but the last 20 minutes ruined it.

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  1. Shaun Mcleroy

    Razzie nominate ” New Moon ” and Sandra Bullock as worst of 2009. I absolutely don’t agree and wonder how they judge that!?

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