Fantasy football season is upon us

My second favourite sports season is almost here.

You cant choose the referees in fantasy football.

You can't choose the referees in fantasy football.

Fantasy football.

That’s right, although I do enjoy watching the NFL, I find fantasy football to be more enjoyable.

Although I’ve done a couple of drafts, my big one is coming up in a couple of weeks.

I won the pool last year, so I have to be extra prepared, as I’m sure there are people gunning for the champ this season. Our pool is a little different that what Yahoo usually offers up. We start with two quarterbacks, because it’s too easy to get a stud with one quarterback (and when there’s a season like Manning or Brady had a few years back where they get 45-plus touchdowns a season, those fantasy teams win too easily).

I have a couple of sleeper picks for this season. The big one is with the team defences, as I think the Chicago Bears will have a great season. Yahoo has them projected to be the eighth best defence, but I think they’ll actually finish #1.

First, because last year they had a ton of injuries, so a healthy squad should be a better squad. And two, they have a better quarterback who can stay on the field. With Rex Grossman throwing so many interceptions, the Bears would get tired getting as much playing time as they did. But Jay Cutler can keep the offence on the field, meaning the defence won’t be out there as much to be scored on. So look for them to have a great season.

What do you think? Any good sleeper picks out there?


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One response to “Fantasy football season is upon us

  1. Luke Green

    Bears db’s are brutal – Tillman can’t cover the deep ball so if they stick with him they will give up a lot of long balls.

    Cuttler should offset the time on the field. That division is looking better with Min and GB so there are 4 games now that can go any way. Bears might still be in trouble.

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