Bryan Murray’s time is almost up

It should be known by now that I have never been a fan of Bryan Murray.

Why wont anyone offer me anything good for Dany Heatley?

"Why won't anyone offer me anything good for Dany Heatley?"

Murray came in as general manager immediately after the team fired John Muckler, who only put together a team that went to the Stanley Cup finals. It can only be considered karma that the team struggled afterwards.

But now, Dany Heatley may very well do that no one else could do: get Murray fired.

Since Murray has taken over the team, he has seen the Sens freefall one year and get swept in the first round, to being horrible right out of the gate and missing the playoffs the second year.

Now, he has to trade Heatley, and is asking way too much in return (it looks to be about three roster players). In a salary cap world, it’s hard to find enough teams that afford to trade for Heatley, much less be able to give up three players.

There’s only three ways this Dany Heatley thing will end:

1) Murray trades Heatley for less than he wanted. The team struggles out of the gate, media and fans blame bad Heatley trade on Murray. He gets fired.

2) Heatley doesn’t get traded. The team starts off slow, media and fans blame Murray for not being able to make a trade. They say Heatley is a distraction in the locker room. Murray gets fired, new GM trades Heatley almost right away.

No one will ever be allowed to wear #15 after this.

"No one will ever be allowed to wear #15 after this."

3) The Sens start off the season fine (no matter if Heatley is traded or not). At some point, the team will struggle, as most teams do at some point of a season (unless you’re the Detroit Red Wings). Media and fans blame Murray for mess of team. Murray is fired for making a bad trade involving Heatley or not trading Heatley.

All three scenarios may be unfair, but that’s because the team has struggled since Murray took over. If the Sens had been successful the last few years, it would be a different story.

And I think it all comes down to how much Murray wants for Heatley. As I mentioned a few months ago, I believe most teams would be willing to give up a top prospect, a second- or third-line player and a first round draft pick for Heatley. Anything more for a high-salary player who has asked twice to be traded is way too much.

And that will be the downfall of Bryan Murray.



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2 responses to “Bryan Murray’s time is almost up

  1. Tyso

    Heatley won’t be able to get traded; mostly because of his contract. The guy makes something around $7.5 mil for the next four or five years… Way too much for way too long. He’d probably ask for a trade from the next team he goes to. Murray tried to dump him to Edmonton, but Heatley didn’t want to go there. I’m not a Bryan Murray fan either, but I wouldn’t blame him on this particular issue. He will be fired, though.

    Speaking of GMs getting fired – do you think Gainey is gone if this season doesn’t work out??

  2. Yes. By bringing in a bunch of new people, this is probably Gainey’s last shot. If the team struggles, he’s gone (he’s overhauled the team twice now).

    If the team does well, he’ll stay on. But by doing well, I mean at least the third round of the playoffs. Anything else means the team hasn’t done much in the playoffs since Gainey took over.

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