Signings galore

So today has produced a whackload of signings today: One NFL, one NHL and one celebrity.

Will Brett Farve end up in Minnesota? Apparently.

Will Brett Farve end up in Minnesota? Apparently.

First off, to the big signing. Apparently Brett Favre has decided to come out of retirement to sign with the Minnesota Vikings (can you come out of retirement if you never actually made it there in the first place?).

This has both good and bad effects. On the plus side, we won’t need to hear any more about whether Favre should come back this season. On the minus side, we’ll have to hear about it next year.

I know a lot of Green Bay Packers fans are upset, but I don’t think you can expect a player to not go to a certain team anymore because they are a rival. Chris Nilan went from the Montreal Canadiens to the Boston Bruins. Roger Clemens went from the Boston Red Sox to the Toronto Blue Jays, and eventually the New York Yankees. Johnny Damon went from the Red Sox to the Yankees. Frank Mahovlich went from the Toronto Maple Leafs to the Detroit Red Wings and then the Habs. Bob Probert went from Detroit to the Chicago Blackhawks. The list goes on and on.

Top players go on to other teams. It’s bound to happen.

The biggest impact though, will be on Vikings runningback Adrian Peterson. He’ll be able to have bigger runs, because defences will have to respect Favre’s arm, so they won’t be able to send 11 defenders to stop Peterson. But on the flip side, Favre is a gloryhound, and late in a game, will probably want to throw the ball non-stop. So if Peterson gets touchdowns, they’ll probably be in the first three quarters.

Bertuzzi to sign with the Red Wings


Todd Bertuzzi has resigned with the Detroit Red Wings, one of the many teams hes played with in the past five years.

Todd Bertuzzi has resigned with the Detroit Red Wings, one of the many teams he's played with in the past five years.


A few years ago, Todd Bertuzzi looked like he was the prototypical power forward in the NHL.

He had just come off a season where he scored 46 goals and 97 points. He was a shoo-in for Olympic teams. He was tough, rugged and extremely popular.

The the Steve Moore incident happened. Bertuzzi hasn’t been the same since. In the five years since Bertuzzi broke Moore’s neck, he has played on five teams (Vancouver, Detroit, Florida, Anaheim and Calgary). He’s only scored more than 17 goals once since then, and now seems to be about a 40-point guy.

That’s a far fall from where he was.

Bertuzzi has now signed a contract with the Detroit Red Wings for one-year, $1.5 million.

It’s a good fit. He won’t be expected to carry the team, and will probably be a bang and crash guy on the third line. With less pressure, he’ll probably excel in Detroit.

Each year, his points, salary and expectations decrease. If he doesn’t have a good year though, I don’t know if there’s anywhere else he can play.

Shania Twain to be newest American Idol judge?


Shania Twain could be a guest host on American Idol.

Shania Twain could be a guest host on American Idol.

Not all of the signings have to do with sports.

Apparently, Shania Twain has been asked to be a judge on American Idol this year.

Rumours have her being a guest judge at some point, helping to replace Paula Abdul.

Not sure if it’s true, and I don’t actually watch the show so I’m not sure if I care, but it could be the first step to getting back into the music business (she hasn’t done anything for seven years now).

So if that’s the case, go Shania!


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