Best Buy should honour deals

So Best Buy made a mistake on one of its online prices the other day.

They were selling a 52-inch television. Normal price: $3,400. But it went on sale, not for $1,799.99 as it was supposed to be, but $9.99.

So people started buying them. Of course, Best Buy didn’t honour it, as they should have.

Best Buy doesnt really want to sell TVs for $9.99.

Best Buy doesn't really want to sell TVs for $9.99.

I have never liked Best Buy, not since the crummy service I got from them years ago. I was looking to buy a laptop, and despite asking several employees for help, I didn’t get any. One employee told me to wait a second, as he rang a sale through, but upon coming back, decided to help someone right next to me who just arrived, despite me being there for 30 minutes at this point. Very disappointing.

So I simply left the store. And I haven’t really been back. I’ll go in to compare prices on something, but I haven’t bought anything there since.

So yes, I don’t like them.

But as for the $9.99 TVs, like I said, they should honour the sales. It’s not like they couldn’t afford it. Their Q1 net earnings (which ended May 30) were $153 million, and their revenue for Q1 was $10 billion. And that’s without their busiest times of the year: back to school, Christmas and Boxing Day.



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3 responses to “Best Buy should honour deals

  1. TJC

    They should have honoured the TV’s that were purchased online at $9.99 and then pulled the ad online.

  2. Jennifer McIntosh

    What about the old slogan, the customer is always right? I want a tv for $9.99

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