Funniest reality TV show ever

It’s no secret I’m a fan of reality television.

Ingrid Wiese was the Jane Schmo on Joe Schmo, Season 2

Ingrid Wiese was the Jane Schmo on Joe Schmo, Season 2

I think a lot of those shows are better than most sitcoms and dramas that are on television (I’m looking in your direction, Seinfeld).

So when Spike TV showed Joe Schmo, I thought it was a neat twist.

Basically, a guy thought he was on a reality show, but everyone else were actors. It was all a big joke.

The season was like a Big Brother-type reality show, where people get voted out of the house.

But they topped it so much with Joe Schmo 2.

They did a Bachelor-type show, and it was funny as all heck.

This time, they tried to dupe two people at the same time, Tim Walsh and Ingrid Wiese.

Ingrid turned out to be too smart for the game, and that’s probably what made the show so great. Could they continue to fool Tim with Ingrid figuring out what was happening?

Jana Speakers character of Cammy is one of the best reasons to watch the show.

Jana Speaker's character of Cammy is one of the best reasons to watch the show.

Every member of the cast was a stereotype of reality contestants. There was Jonathan Torrens (Canadians may remember him from Trailer Park Boys, Street Cents, and his own talk show Jonovision), playing the Got-to-be-Gay guy. There was Jana Speaker, playing the blonde bimbo (and becoming one of my favourite reality show contestants ever). The list goes on and on.

I just found out the second season was released on DVD this past July. I’m so heading out to the nearest DVD place this weekend to pick up a copy (and so should you). The best news is that it’s only $12 (I must sound like such a shill now).

For those who never saw it, below is a couple of clips from the second episode of the second season. Enjoy.




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2 responses to “Funniest reality TV show ever

  1. Tara Sesk

    I loved that show! I saw both seasons and I have to say I loved Jonathan Torrens in it. One of my favorite parts was when Joe Schmoe and the guys are talking about Jonathan and he says something like “he’s either gay or Canadian.” That couldn’t be scripted and I thought it was hilarious.

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