Megan Fox trivia

More in celebration of Megan Fox Day, here are some trivia questions about her. Find the answers here.

1. How old is Megan Fox?

2. What is her middle name?

3. What was her first Hollywood acting gig, according to IMDB?

4. What is her character’s name in Transformers?

5. What was the highest ranking Megan Fox has reached on Maxim’s 100 Hottest Women?

6. What magazine had her #1?

7. How many tattoos does she have?

8. What Lindsay Lohan film did Fox star in?

9. What actor was she engaged to?

10. Who did she diss for a kiss on the cheek on an appearance of Jimmy Kimmel a few years back?


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  1. Kim Yoyo

    Megan always Rocks, Nice Blog, Keep It up ….I Find one good Blog ….keep It up.


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