70 dates in 70 days

So this girl is going across Canada in an attempt to find Mr. Right.

Who wouldnt want 70 dates in 70 days?

Who wouldn't want 70 dates in 70 days?

To do so, she’s going to be spending a week in each Canadian province. In each province, she will have dates with different people (there’s an estimate she’ll have about 70 dates when it’s done).

She blogs (through the Lavalife web site) about each date, letting the world know what she’s up to. Her blog can be found here.

I’m like the idea of her doing something unique, but not for the reasons she’s doing it.

Sarah Rowland, who is 37 years old, wants to find someone to settle down with. That’s why she came up with this idea. If she couldn’t find Mr. Right in her hometown, then surely he must be out there in another place.

Packing up and going across the country sounds fun. And doing it with dates is a unique experience I’m sure not many others have done.

But I’m not sure how she believes she’ll find Mr. Right. If she goes on a date with a guy in Manitoba (who is perfect for her), she still has to finish her journey and go on other dates across the country.

At the end of it, how much will she remember of the coffee date with the guy in Manitoba? Wait, was Mr. Right the banker who like baseball, or was it the accountant who hated baseball?

The other funny part about her blog is the fact she says that everyone will stay anonymous, with no real names being used. But pictures are posted of her dates.

The funniest was this one: “I dated yet another Saint John man who wishes to remain anonymous due to his high-profile job, which is fine. I can respect that. So I can’t give out too many deets.” But there’s a photo there!

Anyways, she’s almost done. She’s in Halifax now, and only has St. John’s left. If she meets the man of her dreams there, I wonder if she’ll move to the rock from Vanouver to be with him.


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  1. Stephen Rosmini

    I know Sarah Rowland personally….well I did a long time ago but I’m sure she uses these actions to fuel her column in several newspapers. She is the real life Carrie Bradshaw. I don’t know if she really wants the perfect man…but if she did, he would have to be confident, intelligent and savvy (I’m not saying these men don’t exist in Manitoba but I’m guessing they are few and far between).

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