Michael Vick should be allowed to play football

So the NFL announced yesterday it will allow Michael Vick to play football in the league after he serves a six-game suspension. 

Michael Vick

Michael Vick is suspended for six games.


While there are many people who disagree with this, I think it’s a good decision.

What Vick did was wrong. But he served his time in jail and his time in the public eye.

But he deserves to make a living. And football is what he knows. It’s what he’s best at.

Despite only being in the league for six years or so, Vick set many records for quarterbacks. He’s one of the most talents players at that position that we’ve seen in the past 10 years or so.

Some team will take a chance on him. When they do, they won’t deserve to be vilified the way that they will be.

I understand that what Vick was a horrible thing. But I wonder where the outcry was 10 years ago, when Leonard Little killed someone while drinking and driving, had 90 days in jail and an eight-game suspension.

Or for Ray Lewis, who was charged with murder, but pleaded down to obstruction of justice in return for his testimony. He wasn’t suspended at all.

Or for Randy Moss, who alledgely knocked over a traffic cop with his car, received no suspension.

Many say Vick shouldn’t be allowed to play because of the fact NFL players are role models. But look at all the NFL players that have been caught drinking and driving, setting up drug deals or spying on other teams.

The NFL is not the place to look for role models. That is something that should start at home, not the sports field.

Vick made a mistake, got caught, served his time and can now play football.

Who are we to stop him from making a living?


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