Worst WWE champions of all time

The WWE’s Night of Champions pay per view is coming up later tonight.

Batista has won many different championships. For which one is he the worst?

Batista has won many different championships. For which one is he the worst?

For those who don’t follow wrestling, it’s a night where every title in the organization is contested (yes, even the ECW title).

Because of this, I’ve noticed a few websites have been giving listings of the greatest champion of each belt. I thought I would something similar. But instead of the best champion, I thought it would be better to decide who was the worst champion for each belt.

As a heads up, this is just a personal reflection. I also included only WWE champions, even if the belt came from WCW or ECW (just because I didn’t follow those organizations enough to make a educated choice).

Besides the current belts, I also include a few retired belts.

Worst WWE Champion: Batista. I’ll admit, I may be a little biased here. I never liked him that much. I don’t see the appeal. He doesn’t have many good matches, he’s not very good on the microphone, and his book sucked. And he was only champion for a day.

Miss Kitty was the worst womens champion.

Miss Kitty was the worst women's champion.

WWE Women’s Championship: Miss Kitty. This was a toss up, because there were some brutal women’s champions over the years. But I think I have to go with Miss Kitty (just narrowly edging out Candice Michelle). She couldn’t wrestle, and was too small to have any good matches. But she wrestled at a time when the title was fought in swimming pool matches and pillow fight matches.

Light Heavyweight Championship: Gillberg. He’s the longest reigning champion in this category, but that’s because they basically retired the title for a year. The title was hotly contested when it first came in, but once they gave it to Gillberg, that was it.

ECW championship: Vince McMahon. While McMahon has won two of the three main titles, this is the one where he deserves the least credit. The other one was part of a great storyline with HHH, where he gave up the title after winning it. Here, he kept the title for a few months. When I think of ECW champions (even in the WWE), there were some good ones, so giving it to Vince was one of the worst moves.

Hardcore Championship: Billy Gunn. This one was tricky. Because of all the crazy stipulations, a lot of people have held this title. In fact, several wrestlers have held it more than 20 times (Raven leads the pack with 27 title wins, but only held the title for a total of 100 days). Four different women have held the title, including one of the Godfather’s ho’s. But I decided to go with Billy Gunn. When his tag team partner Road Dogg was champion, he made the title mean something, and put on some quality matches. But when I think of Billy Gunn, I don’t think of hardcore, and I don’t remember any of his hardcore matches.

WWE  United States Championship: Orlando Jordan. The guy was never that great a wrestler. His matches were dull. He never spoke well, and he never had any memorable feuds. Except for when he lost the title. After losing the title, he lost three consecutive matches to Chris Benoit, all lasting under a minute. That’s a great former champion.

Maryse is the worst Diva champion, but to be fair, theres only been two.

Maryse is the worst Diva champion, but to be fair, there's only been two.

WWE Divas Championship: Maryse. There’s only been two Divas champions, because the belt is pretty new. So I decided to use her so I could run the photo on the right.

WWE Cruiserweight championship: Hornswoggle. Usually the cruiserweight champion can put on great matches, flying through the air with the greatest of ease. Or they’re able to pull off complicated spots. But not Hornwoggle. Why they gave him the title (and then retire the belt, making him the last ever champion for this belt), I’ll never know.

WWE Intercontinenal Champion: Albert. I liked the guy enough as a wrestler, for what he was. But this title is supposed to be one step down from the main belt. You’re supposed to believe that he could make a run for the heavyweight title if he wanted to, or was one step removed from doing so. Just look at past champions like Bret The Hitman Hart, Randy Macho Man Savage, The Rock, Stone Cold Steve Austin, etc. But you never thought that with Albert.

WWE Tage Team Championship: Rene Dupree and Kenzo Suzuki. Dupree could never get over with the crowd. Suzuki lasted only a year with the federation. They were a thrown-together tag team, and split up just as fast.

European Championship: Mideon. They guy won the title not by defeating anyone, but because he found the retired belt in Shane McMahon’s wrestling bag. He held the title for 34 days before losing it.  

World Tag Team Champions: The Godwinns. There’s been a lot of bad tage team champions over the years. But the Godwinns were probably the worst. They never held the title for long, and were champions in probably one of the most boring times for tag teams. This also makes Mideon a double winner in this list.

 World Heavyweight Champion: The Great Khali. Enough said.



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2 responses to “Worst WWE champions of all time

  1. Paul

    Miss Kitty as the worst Women’s Champion? I don’t think so. Ever heard of Hervina (Harvey Wippleman in drag)? If THAT’s not the worst Women’s Champion, then I don’t know otherwise.

  2. Yeah, immediately after listing Batista, I realized there were plenty of horrible champions for all the belts that only had one-day and two-day title reigns (including Hervina for this one, Vince McMahon for the WWE championship, Pete Gas for the hardcore championship, etc.). I figured there were so many like that, I should make sure they had the titles for a while so they could have some title defences to qualify for the list, but I never got around to changing Batista.

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