Make it 7? How about, make it 5?

When Jim Basillie wanted to buy the Phoenix Coyotes and move the team to Hamilton, a web site popped up in support called Make it Seven.

Its time to send the Toronto Maple Leafs to the AHL.

It's time to send the Toronto Maple Leafs to the AHL.

The point was to show support for the bid, and the fact Canada needs a seventh NHL team in Canada. It’s now turned into a fundraising website for minor hockey.

There’s another web site in the same vein: Make it Five. Basically, in an effort to make the Toronto Maple Leafs more competitive, the web site asks to move the team to the AHL, the minor league.

The site goes on to say that French-Canadian businessman Roger Jolie wants to buy the Leafs and move them to the American Hockey League.

“Toronto has always been patient with their NHL franchise, but it’s time to do what’s best for Canada. Move them to the AHL.

We think it would be good for Toronto’s local economy, as a wide range of businesses, organizations and causes that would be supported by a strong NHL franchise in Toronto would no longer have to suffer in agony.”

I think this is a brilliant idea. Maybe the Leafs could win the cup someday soon. Of course, I’m talking about the Calder Cup, not the Stanley Cup. They’d also have a better shot of making the playoffs as well, something they haven’t done in four years.

Chant along with me: Make it five! Make it five! Make it five!


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