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New blogs to follow

I’ve recently updated some of the blogs I follow on the right side of this page.

The Daily Hab-it is just one of the blogs Ive started visiting lately.

The Daily Hab-it is just one of the blogs I've started visiting lately.

They’re funny, well-written, and keep me coming back for more.

So I thought I would introduce them, and let you know more about them so you can follow them as well, and they’re best line of the past week or so.

Magerly Different: This is written by my aunt, and is a World of Warcraft blog. My aunt, her husband and her daughter all play the game, and are pretty crazy about it. I’ve never played it, but it’s still interesting to read some of the comments about the game, what people do there, and how crazy the house is as they play as a family.

Best line: Spring has sprung and our guild has definately slowed down alot. Folks are out enjoying the warmer weather, walking, cycling, working in the yards, barbecuing….now what kinda crap is that?? You people should be in the game kickin’ some ass in Ulduar ….geez

The Steel Cage: As a wrestling fan, I read some of the news online about what is going on in wrestling, but this is the only web site I keep going back to. It’s written by two Newsday writers, Alfonso Castillo and Seth Mates. Alfonso used to be a writer for the WWE, and will occasionally talk about his time behind the scenes. Because they both work on different beats with the paper, they don’t update the blog as often as I would like, but I still check it out every day.

Best line: I don’t have a big problem with a Kane – Khali feud. The battle of the giants is a long-cherished tradition in wrestling. And better they stink up just one match on a card wrestling each other, than two matches wrestling other opponents.

The Daily Hab-it: Another excellent Montreal Canadiens blog (there seems to be a ton out there, must be the passion we Habs fans have). He offers insightful analysis, and even though it’s summer, gives plenty of time and work in each entry in his blog. Very well-written.

Best line: Yes, you could think of Komisarek as a traitor, that’s your right. I prefer to think of him as a loser.

Psycho Lady Hockey: The writer of this blog, Katrina, is a huge hockey fan. When she was 18, she wrote a book called Down the Rabbit Hole: A Guide to Puck Bunnies (even though she’s posted it on her site, I think it would be fun to read in book form: I’ll have to look for a copy). Now she details her adventures in a blog. And she’s a hardcore fan. She goes on many road trips, and has seen more in person games in a year than I have in a lifetime. The other part is that she apparently has given up faith in her old hockey team, and is looking for a new one to cheer for. She has a poll up asking for votes, so make sure you vote for the Canadiens when you visit her blog.

Best line: Prior to this season I had only attended two hockey games by myself EVER – and they were both uncomfortable. My first, in Detroit, was an awkward and irritating experience. Not only were the players’ wives stalking me and complaining that my hair was nicer than theirs, I was also featured on the Kiss Cam and was forced to kiss the strange boy sitting to my right.


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