Saving someone from sex

Never let it be said that a good deed goes unpunished.

Dont enjoy sex too much, or some teens might try to save you from it.

Don't enjoy sex too much, or some teens might try to save you from it.

In Torrington, Connecticut, a woman was in the throws of passion when a 16-year-old girl who lives in the same house overheard the screams. So the teenager, who thought the older woman was being attacked, called some friends to help stop the attack.

According to this Yahoo story:

One of the five teens beat the man with a bat and others punched him, police said. The man was treated at a hospital for injuries that were not life-threatening, and was released that night.

“Apparently he didn’t have time to explain himself,” Lt. Bruce Whiteley said.

The girl, two 17-year-old boys and Dilyen Langdeau, 19, were arrested Tuesday night and arraigned in Bantam Superior Court on Wednesday. Langdeau was charged with assault and conspiracy; the teens face similar counts. The fifth teenager was not charged.

A judge sealed the police report. The names of the girl and the two boys were not released because of their ages. The girl’s relationship to the woman wasn’t clear.

Because the man turned out to be all right, I think charging the teens was a little excessive. They were doing a good deed, and were trying to stop what they thought was an attack.

And maybe the kids don’t know what the sounds of good sex sounds like. So it sounds like an honest mistake.


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  1. Cæsar

    Fun in torrid Torrington. But please, it’s the “throes of passion”. “Throws”– as in defenestration– might indeed be a good reason to attack.

    Soichiro Honda once flung a geisha from a second-story window. Now *that’s* a throw of passion.

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