Best job in the world?

A couple of months ago, there was a world-wide contest to see who would win a job blogging about Australia.

I dont know what team these girls play for, but safe to say its my favourite team.

I don't know what team these girls play for, but safe to say it's my favourite team.

They called it the best job in the world, but I fully disagree with that.

Last week, it was announced what truly was the best job in the world.

An intern with the Lingerie Football League.

I don’t even know if it pays, but I bet you it’s better than blogging about Australia.

For those not aware, the Lingerie Football League is starting up this year, hopefully in the fall (hopefully sooner). There are ten teams made up of beautiful women, all ready to play tackle football in lingerie.

I guess this is truly fantasy football (okay, bad joke, but there actually is fantasy football for this league).

Each team is looking for an intern. So if you don’t get a job with the San Diego Seduction, maybe you could get hired on with the Denver Dream, or Dallas Desire.

I also wonder about the cheerleaders. Will they be wearing more clothes than the players?

Anyways, if you want more information about the league, visit their web site at


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2 responses to “Best job in the world?

  1. A Bit Of Everything Sports

    You were correct, I am impressed with this new post. If this is the quality that I can expect on a regular basis i will retrurn for updates regularily. I am thinking the San Diego gig is the one for me.

  2. If anyone has a contact on the inside I would love to provide the football players with a great deal on their uniforms!

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