Hockey pool update

Oh, what a conundrum I am in.

I have my eyes on the prize, but I need Red Wings to get me some points.

I have my eyes on the prize, but I need Red Wings to get me some points.

Game 7 of the NHL playoffs is tonight. I want the Pittsburgh Penguins to win, if for no other reason than to tick off Marian Hossa.

But I also want to win my hockey pool, and to do that, I need Detroit Red Wings players to score.

If that happens, I will have won three out of three hockey pools this playoffs.

See, in one pool, I’m up by 47 points on second place. I’ll win $70 for that one.

In another pool, I’m up by 26 points on second. That one was for fun.

In this one, I have a chance to win $150 dollars. It was one of the box playoff pools, where you make a pick based on five choices. Even though there are six people within 10 points of first, it really comes down to me and the other person (Leslie) tied for first with 202 points. That’s because if someone further down the standings gets a point, more than likely me or Leslie has the person and also gets the point.

So both Leslie and I have Evgeni Malkin, Sidney Crosby and Chris Kunitz. I also have Nicklas Lidstrom and Johan Franzen. Leslie has Jordan Staal, Sergei Gonchar and Bill Guerin.

So what are the chances Pittsburgh can win tonight, but my two Detroit players outscore Leslie’s three Penguins players?

It’s going to be a tough game to watch.


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  1. M@

    I voted Tom to win as I think Lidstrom’s the man, but I honestly would have put up “Tie” as an option, as I suspect you’ll both be tied by the end of tonight’s contest.

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