Rockstar parody

I know a lot of Canadians don’t like Nickelback, although I’m clueless why.

The parody of one of Nickelbacks songs is one of the funniest Ive seen in a while.

The parody of one of Nickelback's songs is one of the funniest I've seen in a while.

I find a lot of Canadians aren’t supportive of music talent that makes it big worldwide. When I first moved to Ottawa, Alanis was just making it big in the States, and people here seemed to hate her, as opposed to support a homegrown talent becoming successful.

The same seems to hold true for Nickelback now. But I like their music and find it catchy. In fact, they’re probably the only band of the past 10 years where I could name more than one hit.

One of the band’s biggest hits was Rock Star. The video had tons of celebrities, and it was a fun video to watch.


But while looking up the song the other day on Youtube, I saw a spoof that I thought was hilarious. It was called Popstar, and it is a parody of what pop stars are like nowadays.

It was one of the funniest parodies I’ve seen in years, and is much like a Weird Al Yankovic parody. Very well done.

I’ve also included that video below. Enjoy.


The guy who did the video, James, has done some other good spoofs, including The Way I Are (Bad Grammar). I highly recommend checking out some of his other stuff.


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  1. Dennis

    I’m a Nickleback fan too.

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