Heatley wants out of Ottawa

As reported on TSN just today, Dany Heatley wants out of Ottawa.

Dany Heatley is excited to be leaving Ottawa. Wouldnt you be?

Dany Heatley is excited to be leaving Ottawa. Wouldn't you be?

I think this is great news. As a Sens hater, I get tired of hearing about Spezza-Heatley-Alfredsson all the time, and how they are the greatest line in hockey history.

With Heatley gone, look for Spezza’s numbers to take a big hit. Most of his assists are thanks to Heatley, and when Heatley isn’t playing, Spezza is almost invisible.

Heatley makes about $7.5 million a year, and has a no-trade clause. But if he wants out, he’ll have to waive it.

This is actually a good thing for the Sens. They are near the top of the salary cap, and can’t afford to go after many big free agents. By taking $7.5 million off the books, they can go and sign some big-name players that can help them.

Where could Heatley end up?

There’s not many teams that can afford to take on a big contract for the next few years, especially if the salary cap goes down in the next couple of years as expected.

Would Sens fans forgive Heatley if they got PK Subban?

Would Sens fans forgive Heatley if they got PK Subban?

While Heatley would look good on my favourite team (the Montreal Canadiens), I don’t think the Habs have enough to offer, although they definitely have the cap space.

But what if they offered, say, their first round pick, PK Subban and Sergei Kostitsyn? Ottawa could try to package both first round draft picks (their own #9 and the Habs 18) for a higher pick. They get someone that could help with secondary scoring. And a prospect that would be automatically at the top of their prospect depth chart.

Plus, Sens fans would love Subban, as they got to see him during the world junior championships and fell in love with him.

So what do Sens fans think? Would you go for that trade?



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9 responses to “Heatley wants out of Ottawa

  1. Cheryl

    Nooooooooooooooooooooooooo. Bad idea, Heatley.

  2. Blair

    Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo. I concur with the lady.

  3. Dennis

    I’d go for that trade. A proven superstar to Montreal? It’s just what I wanted.

  4. I agree that Montreal probably has the cap space, but Murray probably wouldn’t make that deal given that they’re a divisional rival. And I don’t think Heatley would want to play under the defensive system of Martin. I think San Jose, L.A., and Colorado are more likely candidates.

    And I agree with you as far as prospects go though. I wouldn’t count anybody out of this. As long as Ottawa can take something back, they’ll be happy. It’s a good opportunity to clear some cap space and rebuild from within.

  5. Graham

    Heatley to Montreal? Unlikely. He has a no movement clause so he would have to want to play with the Canadiens. I am not too torn up about it. The Sens haven’t exactly been great with Heatley in the lineup the last two years. They have had too much money in their forwards. Now they have an opportunity to really improve that D.

  6. sensay

    A malcontent wannabee in Kos, and a non issue in Subban…hell, maybe the Sens should toss in their first for Brisebois too, lol!
    Hilarious offer.

  7. I think this offer makes more sense than, say, Tyutin and Nash.

    Of course, looking at other big players that were traded the last few years, maybe that is too much. Maybe the Habs should actually rescind one of the players to make it more of an even trade.

    Hossa was traded for a draft pick, a prospect, and two third and fourth liners, but Atlanta had to throw in another player as well.

    Bourque and Andrychuk were traded for a couple of third-line players, and a draft pick.

    Roy was traded with the team captain for two second-players and a potential goalie.

    Jagr was traded to Washington for three bit players. And then traded to the Rangers for Anson Carter.

    Of course, you can continue to believe you can trade Heatley for Cory Perry and Ryan Whitney (and why not throw in Pronger while you’re dreaming). Meanwhile, the rest of us will continue to live in this place called reality.

    Don’t be surprised when Heatley is traded for a draft pick, prospect and a second-line player.

  8. sensay

    We’ll see, but I’m not worried about having egg on my face.
    Gerald Norton

  9. Darrell

    Man As much as I would hate to see heatley go…. I know it happens in hockey but if he has to go Murray sure as hell better get somethin for em…… im tired of losin big name players and not getting shit for em! chara is a big one obviously. I dont think he would go to the habs though im thinkin though if the sens lose heatley there gonna try and deal spezza out to as you said without one of the two you have nothing!

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