Alex Rios deserves fans scorn

Toronto Blue Jay Alex Rios isn’t having a great year.

My guess is Alex Rios misses this ball.

My guess is Alex Rios misses this ball.

Rios, who makes about $6.4 million a year, is hitting .267 and had 27 RBIs in 56 games. This was puncuated by a 0 for 5 night last week. Not just 0 for 5, but every one of those was a strikeout.

So fans are on him a bit. I get that. But if you make that much money, be prepared for scorn when you don’t perform well. As long as you treat the fans well, don’t act like a putz and give an effort, most fans will recognize that.

But if you are rude to the fans, then they’ll take it out on you back.

So after his bad game last week, Rios went to a charity event. On the way out, a young fan asked Rios for an autograph. Rios didn’t even slow down, ignored the kid, and kept walking.

That’s when another fan yelled out something among the lines of “Hey Rios, you should be thankful anyone wants your autograph the way you’ve been playing.” Rios responded with a couple of f-bombs, and blasted into this guy.

So let’s review:

• Treat the fans well? Nope.

• Give an effort? Nope.

• Act like a putz? Check.

Well, at least Alex is 1 for 3, which is better than his batting average.

Anyways, check out the Youtuve video below for the actual footage.


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2 responses to “Alex Rios deserves fans scorn

  1. What I don’t get is why ppl feel the need to tell athletes how much they suck. Would you go up to a welder and say, “the way you welded that seam is horrible, yer a bum. You should be ashamed of yourself.” Okay he’s a royal prick for not signing the kids autograph, but still.

  2. People in other jobs get abused all the time.

    Cops get told off. Bus drivers get disrespected. Journalists are told their stories suck. Lawyers are made fun. The list goes on and on.

    But they don’t make $6.5 million a year.

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