Bring back Leno

I tried to give Conan O’Brien a chance. 

Conan OBrien isnt that funny on the Tonight Show.

Conan O'Brien isn't that funny on the Tonight Show.

I thought his stuff on the Simpsons was great. The few times I saw his late show, I thought it was good.

I’ve watched the last few nights of the new Tonight Show.  And it’s just bad. Almost unwatchable.

I used to enjoy watching Jay Leno. I never watched it every night, or even more than once a week, but it never failed to make me laugh several times.

Conan’s not like that.

There are probably several reasons why.

The first is the amount of jokes. While Jay could pack 20 to 25 jokes into a monologue, Conan gets about seven in the same amount of time. So when a joke failed for Leno, it didn’t matter, because there were plenty more to laugh at. But for Conan, the joke drags on.

Conan also seems to improvise a lot on things that aren’t funny. Yesterday was recapping what all his crazy signs meant (ie- a piece of bread, Larry King, etc.). Again, not funny.

And I’m sorry, I’m sure there’s a drinking game out there somewhere where you take a drink every time Conan claps his hands together, but it’s really annoying to watch.

I found with Leno, there were several things that could be me entertained: Jay Walking, Headlines, Dollar Store bargains, stuff for sale on eBay, Ross the Intern, etc.

I don’t find I have the same sort of thing to keep me entertained with Conan. There’s nothing (so far) that says, “I have to come back and watch this type of skit more often.”

Hopefully Conan gets better, but it will probably be a while before I watch another episode.



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3 responses to “Bring back Leno

  1. Dennis

    I really liked Headlines. I looked forward to it.

  2. My husband and I looked forward to Jay everynight. It “made” us stop what we were doing and watch Leno prior to falling asleep. It was great to end the day laughing. We miss Headlines, Jay Walking, Kevin, Smitty and the guys. They were all funny and witty. We also have given Conan a chance and just don’t get it. He is not funny, appears to read the cue cards in a “stiff” mode. After 2 months we have given up. Now we just stay up later and go to bed without laughter. Bring Jay back!

    • Peter Ash

      I had a feeling I was not alone on this one . Conan is just not funny . He appears to not have prepared for the show . Like he just showed up 5 minutes before the start of the show with little or no material . I watched jay everynight till at least midnight. And I get up at 5:30 EVERYDAY . nOW i GO TO BED EARLY . Please bring back Jay and give Conan the 10pm slot. Hows that for an executive decision . Are you listening NBC exec’s.

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