School stories in the news

With the school year coming to a close soon (and my wife, a teacher, counting down the days), I thought it funny that two separate school incidents made the news today: one good and one horrible.

Not even the sniffles could keep Brittany McAllister from getting perfect attendance (note: this is not Brittany).

Not even the sniffles could keep Brittani McCalister from getting perfect attendance (note: this is not Brittany).

We’ll start with the good one first. Most people have probably missed some school at some point. Either they cut class, get sick, or go on vacation with their parents.

Not Brittani McCalister. She’s about to graduate high school (West Vigo High School) with a perfect attendance record. Not just for this year or just high school, but since kindergarten.

That’s just crazy. I was never one to cut class. I was the type that would go on snow days, even though it would only be me and one other person in the class. I always tried to get perfect attendance. It was important to me.

But I did miss some classes. We went on vacation. I got sick a couple of times. But I think I still got perfect attendance for most of the years I was in school.

But to never miss a day? That’s crazy. It started as a competition between her and her brother. But Brittani deserves our congratulations.

Here’s the story.

As for the horrible news story.

Australian authorities are investigating after a student was hung from a noose as a mock hanging as a part of English class.

According to Reuters:

A student who fell with a noose around his neck during a mock class hanging that was arranged by teachers has enraged Australian authorities.

The high school student fell from a table while fellow students, under the supervision of a teacher, were photographing a staged hanging as part of an English class project.

Students and teachers rushed to the boy and cut the rope when he fell, Education Queensland Assistant Director-General Lyn McKenzie said, although local newspapers said the boy turned blue before he was freed.

The student was allowed to go home with his mother after being examined by paramedics, while authorities launched an investigation into how the incident occurred.

I can’t imagine any class that would let a student put a noose around his neck. That’s just horrible teaching.

If I was the mother, I’d already have a lawyer getting ready to sue the school. Although her son is just as stupid for letting the rope go around his neck.


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