Archie to marry Veronica

I love Archie comics.

Archie Andrews will be marrying Veronica Lodge in an upcoming issue.

Archie Andrews will be marrying Veronica Lodge in an upcoming issue.

Always have. Always will. I still have all the comics from when I was a kid. Santa would leave them as stocking stuffers every year.

Eventually, I stopped reading them. Not because I was bored with them, but because they were getting too expensive.

But I still have all my old issues. I grew up with them, and would read them countless times.

That’s why I was shocked to hear today that Archie Andrews is going to get married.

To Veronica Lodge.

I couldn’t believe it. I’m thinking this is some sort of ploy, and they really don’t get married. Maybe a dream or something.

This sort of thing has happened before. Remember the whole angle of Superman dying? But he came back from the dead. Spiderman rebooted its comic series two years ago when the last 20 years of its history was erased when they went back in time and Peter Parker didn’t marry Mary Jane Watson. It’s a device used by writers as a way to generate more interest into their comics.

So I fully believe that this won’t last.

Remember, Jughead used to hate girls. But then they gave him a magic pin that he could put on his hat that made the girls love him and vice-versa. I’m sure if the Internet was around at the time, everyone would have been up in arms about that one too.

Why choose the evil Veronica over the angel Betty?

Why choose the evil Veronica over the angel Betty?

But it’s fun to read the reaction of some people. Most people believe if he’s going to get married, he should get married to Betty Cooper instead. I agree with that sentiment.

The Betty vs Veronica debate was a timeless one, akin to MaryAnn vs Ginger from Gilligan’s Island, or Betty Rubble vs Wilma Flintstone. In the end, most people were in the corner of the nice girl (Betty) instead of the vain girl (Veronica).

On the Archie Comics web site, you can read the news of the wedding here.

Here are a few of the comments from others:

From Cecelia:

i am literally crying right now. please do not do this. i will never be able to enjoy reading archie comics again if this happens.

true fans do not want to know who he ends up with. i hope there is some twist ending to this issue so that he doesn’t marry either one. and for the companies sake: don’t do this. this will make you lose a lot of money. no one will be interested in this comic once we know.

From Archielover99:

Will the engagement be the end of the love triangle?

Will the engagement be the end of the love triangle?

If Archie chooses veronica, not only will he break Betty’s heart,but he will break MY heart too!If he DOES choose veronica, i will NEVER EVER EVER read Archie Comics again!!!!!! He makes Betty do everything and treats Veronica like a queen! Archie, If you choose Veronica, i will Never forgive you….EVER!!!!!! Good luck Betty….Archie….BYE

whitesharkt compared their love triangle to Brad Pitt-Angelina Jolie-Jennifer Aniston love triangle:

I have been a fan of Archie and the gang since 1965. Betty’s love has always been selfless and sincere, kind of like Jennifer Aniston, but Archie can’t help but love Veronica. She has the ability to do a lot of good, like Angelina. So you have to hope that if Archie marries Veronica, it will be so they can do a lot of wonderful things. Archie will have to show us he can be a really good guy.

From Laura:

Archie proposing marriage? I don’t mean to sound disrespectful but I strongly disagree with the concept. This goes against the entire premise of the comic’s existence! Archie choosing between Betty and Veronica, vowing to spend his life with one or the other? That’d be like Charlie Brown’s baseball team winning the world series! Good grief!!!

For those who don’t know (and this was news to me), the gang isn’t in high school anymore. They’ve graduated and have moved on from Riverdale High School. They’ve even graduated college (no word yet on if Moose is still in high school or not).

So if the gang is growing up and moving on, it makes sense for one of them to get married.

And who knows? If it doesn’t work out, 10 years from now they can simply time travel and reboot the franchise, a la Star Trek.



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4 responses to “Archie to marry Veronica


    I couldn’t live with out them!! Although Archies life would be expense free if he married Veronica I still think he should marry Betty.

    Betty Pros:

  2. Tess

    All due respect Betty is an idiot. all she does for Archie and he drops her every time for Veronica. Really, that girl has no self respect. I’m totally happy Archie chose Veronica.

    But yeah, probably this is something like a dream, or an alternative universe, who knows.

  3. preeti

    hi folks well i have been reading archie comics as a kid and have loved them . but alas it is betty i feel sad for such an angel and all this archie does is chose ronnie . my heart is breaking. please archie baby marry betty dude please keep me updated on a e mail regarding all updates and keep me informed as i am waiting to grab he isssue asap

  4. betttyyy luver

    PLZ archie dont choose veronic aove rbetty betty rox and veronica sux betty is soo nice nt veronice she is a deom..i’ll neva read archie eva if u choose VERONICA PLZ god let it be a dream..plzzzzzzzzzz

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