Saving local television is overrated

Not sure if this is going on across the country (and I sure hope it’s not, because it’s way too foolish), but the television stations here in Ottawa have gone on a whole “save local” kick.

Is this an example of local programming?

Is this an example of local programming?

And it’s driving me crazy.

Basically, they believe local television stations need saving, because they’re the source for local events and news.

CJOH(owned by CTV) is the worst of the batch. They have ads all over the place. They held an open house. They really seem to believe what they’re saying is right.

And that’s why it’s so wrong.

I’d be all in favour of saving local programming, if they bothered to show any. They show CSI, So You Think You Can Dance, Law & Order, Two and a Half Men, The Colbert Report, Oprah, etc.

The closest thing I can find to local programming (besides the news), is when they show So You Think You Can Dance Canada.

And that’s what we’re trying to save? It boggles the mind.

The A-Channel is also on the same kick. Of course, they show great quality local programming such as Lost, Ellen, TMZ and Law & Order.

Here’s a thought. If you want people to care about “local” television, try showing some “local” programming!



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3 responses to “Saving local television is overrated

  1. Agreed! Show some local programming.

  2. It’s not really about saving local programming. That’s the bait before the switch. It’s really about getting the CRTC to require $0.50 per month per cable and satellite subscriber be given to any over-the-air channel.

    That would mean a few hundred million per year in free money to CTV, Global, etc, so it’s no wonder they’re pulling out the stops for a publicity campaign.

    It’s also a win-win for CTV in particular. They ended up stuck with the A-Channel stations through the CHUM purchase deal. By saying that local programming is not viable without what essentially amounts to a TV tax on their behalf, they pave the way for closing down all the remaining A stations if they don’t get it.

  3. So you think you can dance…I Love Love Love this show!!!

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