The Big Bang Theory is almost done

So I was saddened by the announcement earlier today that the Big Bang Theory is almost done.

The Big Bang Theory rocks!

The Big Bang Theory rocks!

Okay, maybe that’s not quite what the press release said. It was something about the show moving from its 8 p.m. timeslot, and will be showing at 9:30 p.m. on Mondays instead.

But I can read the writing on the wall. This is the beginning of the end of the show.

Once it’s moved, it will be on the same time as Heroes and 24. That means quite a few viewers who watch both

While Sheldon Cooper and Leonard Hofstadter love comic book heroes, that doesn’t mean they can compete with superheroes.

Kaley Cuoco plays Penny on the show.

And that means the ratings will probably dwindle next fall. In an effort to get ratings back up, CBS will start shifting it around their schedule. Maybe Wednesday nights at 9 (oops, that’s up against Lost and/or American Idol). Maybe a Friday or Saturday night (oops, no one really watches TV on those nights). Then they’ll probably have a big episode on Feb. 7, 2010 (oops, that’s the same time as the Superbowl).

I expect in a year or so, the announcement will come out that the Big Bang Theory has to be cancelled due to poor ratings. Executives will point to the decline in ratings within a year, and say they had no choice.

And I’m sad.

The Big Bang Theory is one of the only comedies on television I watch. I’ll flip on Two and a Half Men and King of Queens every once in a while. I don’t watch How I Met Your Mother.

The last half-decent sitcom was Yes Dear and 8 Simple Rules (I loved Arrested Development, but wouldn’t include it as a sitcom).

For those of you who have never seen the show, I highly recommend checking out Season 1 (available on DVD) and watching it straight through.

But for now, here are some of my favourite scenes from the show, starting with my all-time favourite.

In this one, Sheldon figures out the science behind friendship.

And finally, the gang is invited to a Halloween party at Penny’s.



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12 responses to “The Big Bang Theory is almost done

  1. rheostaticsfan

    That is very bad news. BBT is definitely my favorite show on TV at the moment. It’s the best sitcom…well…since I used to watch Mad About You (before they had the baby). I hope it manages to come back from timeslot purgatory.

  2. Colin

    Actually, The Big Bang Theory was renewed for two seasons at once, so they are committed to it. Also, I read that the repositioning is intended to make it a bigger asset, rather than giving up on it. (They say they want to “take this Top 20 show and make it a Top 10 show.”) If it loses ratings, I think they’ll realize it’s their fault, not the shows, and fix it.

    It’ll come on right after the other Chuck Lorre production (Two and a Half Men), and may someday replace it. So, if for no other reason than the unusual 2 season renewal, don’t give up hope yet.

  3. Bill

    The producers of “Big Bang” wanted the 9:30 time slot from the beginning. They begged CBS to put them after “Two and a Half Men.” “Big Bang” got its biggest ratings ever when they tried it one time there because a presidential speech preempted the 8 o’clock hour.

    CBS says this move is designed to make a big hit even bigger.

  4. Watch Big Bang Theory Online Free

    Love this show Sheldon’s neurotic tendancies, Leonard’s kind heart, Raj’s inability to talk to women, Howard’s sleazyness and Penny is hot! Best show on tv!

  5. I don’t add many comedies to my already-full pattern of viewing, but I can say without hesitation, Big Bang Theory is the funniest CBS comedy on Monday nights, and I became fully hooked this winter. Just when you think Sheldon can’t possibly get any funnier, he top himself. Kudos to the writers, but especially to Parsons for having to regurgitate dialogue that’s impossible to even comprehend.

  6. Liz Barry

    I love it!!!!

  7. R_ME

    The whole cast is resplendent like the mid-day sun, are they not?!

  8. La_Roma

    Such a Crappy show…. BazingA !!!! Hahahhaha…. Luv it Luv it….. I wish this show never ends….

  9. be

    you should watch how i met your mother anyway! 😀

  10. Albatross

    It’s funny, but it has two problems: first, it’s turning into The Sheldon Show; and second, Chuck Lorre writes from a 12-year-old’s understanding of women. (And last week’s Neil Tyson DeGrassi cameo was hamfisted and stupid.)

    I enjoy the lolz but I hope the show can overcome these problems.

    P.S. if you wrote this when the show shifted hours on Monday, you must have crapped your pants when it jumped to Thursdays.

    • Yeah, I’m glad it’s still successful, but I play hockey on Thursday nights, so I have to wait to watch it until the next day.

      I agree with the comment about it turning into the Sheldon show. I think that’s why I didn’t like Season 2 as much. Sometime they make him too over the top and too annoying, and if he’s annoying me more than humoring me, that’s not good.

  11. davdal

    Well, here we are 3 years down the track and TBBT is still with us!
    TBBT may be “done” but CBS seem to want it till 2013-14.
    Will they cancel it if ratings fall during that season?

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