Choose your favourite cheerleader

You know what the NHL needs more of? Cheerleaders.

You could decide who will be the next Atlanta Thrasher cheerleaders. Tens of girls are hoping for your vote.

You could decide who will be the next Atlanta Thrasher cheerleaders. Tens of girls are hoping for your vote.

And not just cheerleaders, but cheerleaders that fans can vote for.

That’s what happening with the Atlanta Thrashers. Never mind the fact they’re one of the worst teams on the ice, but they hope they can draw more fans by having followers of the team vote on their top five cheerleaders to make the team next season.

(For the record, you can vote for the Blue Crew here).

I know cheerleading is big in football and basketball, but do we really need cheerleaders in hockey?

I say yes.

Who knows when the next Paula Abdul, Stacy Kiebler, Jessica Simpson, Shannon Elizabeth or George W. Bush will come out of no where to become one of the most famous people in the world?

This could only help hockey.

This is the Blackhawks ice crew.

This is the Blackhawks ice crew.

Imagine people learning that a certain famous music star — such as Christina Aguilera or Madonna — used to be a cheerleader for the Atlanta Thrashers. They might be inspired enough to watch games for a glimpse of games to try and see the next big thing (although by that point, the Thrashers might be making its home in a small town in Wyoming instead of an actual hockey city such as Hamilton or Winnipeg, but that’s besides the point).

Or maybe the Blue Crew will become as famous as the Dallas Cowgirls or Laker Girls.

Again, this could only help grow hockey. Never mind the thrilling playoffs, or the exciting young players. It’s cheerleaders that are needed to grow the game. 

I don’t know how many teams use cheerleaders, but I say it’s not enough. (I know the Carolina Hurricanes and Chicago Blackhawks use cheerleaders, and the Florida Panthers have a calendar out of their cheerleaders). According to this list, there’s 16, but some of them include the girls who clean up the ice during TV timeouts. And some of them have two groups of cheerleaders.

So don’t forget to cast your vote for the next members of the team (in case you forgot already, you can vote here).


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2 responses to “Choose your favourite cheerleader

  1. Dennis

    The only way I’ll agree to cheerleaders is if they’re really, really classy cheerleaders. If they’re not, it just looks stupid. I saw some games in Russia where there were cheerleaders and I thought it was on the silly side. Football and basketball I understand because it stems from high school and college. But in the NHL I can do without them.

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